We know - but stick with it anyway

We, the startups, the entrepreneurs, the home-business owners, the small businesses, the careerists, the dreamers, the doers - we all know how frustrating it can be to have such a crisp, clear goal, a strategy to achieve it but to be held back by something, whether it's money, time, capability or the fact that you're one person with only 24 hours in each day and 100 hours of work to fit into them. 

We know what's it's like to look at how much there is to be done and become overwhelmed to the point that it's easier to do none of it than to try and make a dent. 

We know that we spend our weekends planning the week ahead in categories - what day can I see my partner, when can I fit in that call, which of my child's sports events can I make and what do I need to sacrifice? 

We know how incredibly frustrating it is to have any of those plans change or switch days because we know the total mental reshuffle required and how that thing might have been your saving grace amongst the craziness for that week. 

We also know how things that so many, so easily find time for are things we simply can't justify - both from a financial perspective (who of us can justify paying $200 for a hairdresser to cut off 3cms in a regular trim and call it 'styling') and from a time management perspective (who of us has an hour or two to actually go to the hairdresser?) - I use the hairdresser example because I, myself have hair down to my waist which is split pretty much from my shoulder blades down but short of a spontaneous frustrated bathroom fit armed with a pair of shears, that is how it will remain for some time yet). 

But the hardest part still, is staying positive that your vision for your goal will eventuate, that even with the late night toiling, the juggling act of work, family, friends and side hustle, the sleep deprivation, the financial deprivation, the social Siberia, the frustrations taken out on loved ones, the inability to make any headway on those ever-expanding to-do lists, that some day, and preferably, someday soon, that vision you're clinging to will eventuate, that you'll be sitting in your office, eating your third piece of buttery toast for day (how luxurious- if you're a buttery toast addict) and you'll look around and realise that in this mundane act, you have actually realised your vision, that your business has launched successfully and you're now working on it full time from your own office, that your goal to run that marathon has happened and you're now nursing your tired knees while planning your next goal, that your career is exactly what you dreamed it to be, allowing  you the flexibility to juggle more strategically and liberally. 

The hard part is sticking with it. We promise, it WILL happen if you're clear on it.

If you're vision is of financial security, don't envision expensive luxury cars and executive houses in multiple countries, popping expensive champagne because if you've earned all that cash yourself to get there, you're likely someone who has learned th value of money and wouldn't spend it with such frivolity. Think more of what it will mean at that time. Even just the vision of being able to buy a large purchase without shuffling money, or picturing yourself working from home carefree in a home that you own outright perhaps - it doesn't need to have multiple wings, three pools and an eight car garage, even simply owning a home that speaks to your style shows financial security. You need to attach emotion to the various elements in your vision otherwise it's hollow and is more of a 'Lottery Vision' which doesn't carry the weight needed for years of toiling to achieve. 

Stick with it. Even when it's so hard you just want to quit. Even when you're eating your 12th can of pears for the week (straight from the can) because it's cheaper and lasts longer than a loaf of bread. Even when you're so frustrated, overworked and overstressed that even your partner mutilating a cheesecake trying to get it out of the container for you brings you to a completely inappropriate volume of tears - stick with it. 

Imagine sitting in your home office, it's 10am, you're wearing bed socks, you're on your third piece of buttery toast, working on your business which is so wildly successful that you can hardly believe that you've done it yourself, you're relaxed, the dog is sitting on your foot, you're financially secure, you've achieved your goal, you did it-now you're planning your next goal because you know how powerful you are when you have a dream.

That's success. That's a damn successful vision of success. It's not about cashflow or cars, houses or holidays, it's a feeling. Drive towards that feeling with everything you've got and don't stop until you're there. 

We'll help you get there.



Push Through the Plateau


It's really easy to lost motivation once you step out of routine a while and with the holidays not long ago and with so many long weekends at every corner of late, it's easy to let routine slip by the wayside in favour of long holidays and relaxation. 

Whatever goal you're working towards, it's important to find a way to push through the plateau and continue your pursuit. Whether you're a runner with your eyes on a marathon this year but you've been lax on training over the past couple of months or you're an entrepreneur who has found it difficult getting back into the grind of seemingly never ending days and little reward after lounging poolside without giving the business a second thought, it's time to work out how to get back. 

For the runner, perhaps it's starting a relaxed routine, slowly building up to your training plan or if you're like me, perhaps it's throwing yourself back in the deep end, putting those pizzas and lie-ins behind you - a mere distant memory to your now 5am daily starts. 

For the business owner, the pools will still be there - and we promise if you can just put in the work now, you'll make it to your goal, you'll push through to a point where pools can be your everyday while the business runs itself through your valued team. This is just the point where you need to work those insane hours to get there faster. 

Whatever your vision of success, keep it close to you, keep it in your heart, your constant and empowered thoughts, keep it right in front of your eyes at all times, in your handwriting, on your noticeboard, on your desktop or mobile wallpaper - anywhere you're likely to glimpse it on  a regular basis so that you remember what you're working towards.

You're ambitious, you have goals and dreams and what's better, you have the tenacity to see it through, you just need to push past this tiny plateau.

Who Actually Cares?

So often, we catch ourselves in a vicious cycle of self-perceived judgement. In a world where judging people has become more of an initial nature than a second, it's easy to understand why we're trapped in that train of thought but it's also imperative to stop ourselves and simply ask - who actually cares? - people are so incredibly caught up with their own issues, their own struggles and insecurities, their own perceived judgements that they're actually too busy to really lend you a second thought and on a finer note - what makes their opinion worth any measure of weight in yours? 

No matter what you're doing - whether you're planning your future business, pursuing a goal or simply deciding what to wear today, make your decisions your own, think only of how those decisions make you personally feel, how making those decisions impacts your personal bubble and as long as it's not affecting anyone other than you, feel free to be selfish with how you feel, feel free to be selfish with your decisions and how they impact your day because honestly, no one cares what you're wearing, no one cares if your lipstick is too bright, if you met your partner on Tinder, if you're still wearing pyjamas at four in the afternoon or that you're on your fourth consecutive season of New Girl courtesy of a Netflix binge session. 

Unless your actions directly affect them or they have a vested interest in your behaviour, people don't actually care and more importantly do their opinions on such trivial things actually matter to you?

The Future is Yours

Image by Yulia Shevchenko for CNN #inspirewomen

Growing up, I knew without needing to be told that I could do whatever I set my mind to - that the world and all it's doors, windows and ceilings were wide open to me, whatever I decided to do and wherever I decided to do it. 

There was never any question that my gender may impact my future, there was never any sign that being a woman made me somehow less. 

In every job I've held throughout my life, I've earned twice that of my partners and at least a quarter more than the men in similar positions - why? Because I ask for it. Because I promote my strengths, because I seek out opportunities and put everything into them. 

It doesn't matter what you choose to do. There is no barrier to your capability, there is no barrier to your growth or earning potential. If you focus on what you want and you ask for it, seek it out, pursue it with fervent ambition, you WILL succeed, you WILL achieve, you WILL find that those doubts you'd harboured were unnecessarily oppressive because you are capable of so much more than you'd previously imagined. 

Don't hold back , the world is yours so take it!

Leadership Belongs to Those Who Take It

Irmak Nur Sanal  for  CNN  #inspirewomen

Irmak Nur Sanal for CNN #inspirewomen

At any point in your life, you are granted the opportunity to either fall in line, or take the lead. No matter who you are or what your experience, people seek leadership, especially so in high tension situations and if you're willing to step up to the challenge, the position belongs to you. 

Many of us crave the respect and responsibility of being in a position of leadership - the opportunity to mentor, to help someone, the opportunity to challenge ourselves, to grow our skillset yet so many shy from the opportunity because they think they don't deserve it or that it's not yet their time. 

We need to be vigilant self promoters, we need to recognise the leader within ourselves and out ability to lead others well. It's not a matter of being cocky, rather self assured, it's not about dictating to others, rather to mentor them, it's not about power, it's about challenge and having a platform to do more.

Once we recognise what leadership is and stop holding ourselves back, we're better able to rise to the opportunity.

Sharing is Caring

Success isn't about beating everyone else, it's about realising your own dream, about pushing yourself to your limits and breaking through them, it's about education, advancement, self-belief - all things that are inherent to you only. Successful people don't seek to keep industry players down or to dissuade the younger generation from even bothering, you'll find that the most successful people are those who are willing to share - willing to give away some of their wisdom to actually help others achieve their goals. 

The energy spent in keeping someone else down is far better spent on oneself - educating, improving, challenging yourself, creating bigger goals and striving to achieve them - building on your achievements and the groundwork you've created to build something phenomenal. 

Next time you worry about what the person next to you is doing, take a look at your own work and identify where you can build on it - you better believe that's exactly what they'll be doing and if not, they're not the kind of people that will find the success you're working towards so their progress or regress is of no concern. Stay focused, keep working, keep building and share what you've learned because you never know how valuable it can be until you try.

Keep Going

When you're at the end of your tether, you've worked yourself so hard and you're not where you need to be, hold out hope, keep believing because when you work as hard as you do for a goal you're passionate about,  the universe provides. 

Just as you start to think that you'll never get to where you need to be, look around because this is the time where opportunity is most apparent. 

Never give up. You will achieve what you set out to, you just need to keep believing - even through overwhelming odds, keep believing you'll succeed and you will.

No one Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

There is no person on this earth who has power over you or your mindset. You are the sole proprietor of your mind, body and soul and every decision, every emotion is entirely yours. Those that choose to bring down those of us with the powerful insight to know we cannot be burned are merely those without the insight within themselves. 

What you allow is what will continue. If you allow someone to make you feel inferior, to make you feel less than what you are, or even what you think you are, it is a behaviour that will continue and be echoed throughout your life. Make a stand. Decide that you are worth far more to yourself, that you add value to this world, that this person is ineffectual and insignificant within the realm of your life and move past it. 

You are damn extraordinary! We believe it and we've never met. Imagine how grand you must be in person.

You Are Capable of More Than You Know

In a world where we are taught to be humble, to downplay our achievements, to be modest and self-deprecating women, it's easy for us to forget our true capability but identifying and celebrating our strengths, our abilities and capabilities is paramount. 

You are capable of so much more than you realise, your experiences are what have made you,you, what have brought you to this point, what have pushed you through inevitably challenging times and this is not only a reflection of your strength of character and your resilience in the face of adversity but also a tiny glimpse of your true potential. 

Believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to because there is no doubt that you are!

We believe in you so start believing in yourself!


Not Going All The Way

You owe it to yourself to pursue this. Whether you're hesitating to start or holding back on your progress, you owe it to yourself, to your dreams, to your vision to see this through. 

Whenever you're feeling like you're at a stalemate, that you can't continue, that it was all too much to do alone, call us. 

Whenever you're worrying about how to mount that next hurdle or press on through overwhelming adversity, call us.

Whenever you're stressing about the amount of pressure you've put on yourself or that your friends / family / coworkers have put on you to succeed, call us. 

Our whole purpose for being is to help you achieve your goals. To help you to press on when you think you can't, to bolster your confidence and ability to our own best ability. 

Never hesitate to share your roadblocks because we're only too happy to help you over them!

Push On Harder

The sad part of this quote is that it is as true now as it was in Clare Boothe Luce's lifetime. Clare accomplished a great many things, a Hollywood career, a successful journalism and literary career and even becoming a woman of high influence in politics and a valued second to Dwight D Eisenhower. 

While we have made great strides in equality, there's still an air of the 'like a girl' mantra surrounding women along with the pressure to succeed gracefully and grandly (and maintaining it without fault). 

For as long as this stigma is attached to women, we will constantly need to push ourselves harder,  take on more, be more, pursue more until we can be on an equal plateau as men. 

Push harder, pursue everything you wish for because strong women like Clare Boothe Luce are the grand examples of what a woman can achieve if she sets her mind to something.

Courage to Continue

No matter where you are in life, you are never 'finished'. Once you achieve success, you find yourself fighting to keep it, to be constantly improving, constantly refining your product, your service - yourself! to continue to create success. 

Similarly, a failure is not the end, a failure is merely an opportunity for improvement. Perhaps your product or service was merely yet to be defined. Perhaps your focus was on too many things. Perhaps your demographic simply wasn't ready for it, but soon they will be. There is no 'failure'.  There is only opportunity. 

We must constantly be evolving, be creating, be thinking of and refining our ideas to stay on par with our competition and stay up to date on the latest and greatest for our target demographics. we much constantly be improving ourselves, both our inward and outward extern to cultivate our business or achievement persona. 

Unless your goal is merely to run a marathon wherein success is granted by the mere act of finishing, your goals will always be in a growth phase. That marathon runner may find a new passion for achievement, that merely running was not enough, that now the course must be longer, the time must be shorter, the recovery easier, the achievement, greater. 

Our nature is in competition. Not just for ourselves but for every aspect of our lives. Have the courage to press on through failure and success, through hard times and bountiful times. This is where greatness and longevity lie.

Just Get Started

There's a very simple rule here : If you never start, you'll never get ahead. 

You may spend your days dreaming of exceptionally grand ideas, achievements, personal challenges and mad improvements for daily life but if all they are, are thoughts, you'll never find the success or the improvement you dream of so often. 

It's one thing to cultivate a vision but entirely another to make it happen. It take courage, it takes gumption and your blood, sweat and tears but creating something that never existed before, doing things you never thought that you could, experiencing places and cultures you never thought you would, other than in those dreams, is a magical and awakening experience. 

Allow yourself to dream big, huge, astronomically! Then have the courage to see it through, to substantiate those dreams and make your dream vision a tangible reality!

Choose Your Path

It's no use riding the coat tails of those who have come before you. They're well established, they're a well-known brand and they know their product and industry inside and out. Instead, look to new paths, identify what needs to be changed and set about changing it, you can't sell the exact same thing as a competitor without some kind of edge - be it a product or service, there needs to be a point of difference to make a customer choose you. 

Follow your own path, follow what calls to you, look at your daily life and think about how it could be improved and identify whether that improvement already exists or if there's a market for you to create it. 

Why be someone else, when you can be so gloriously yourself? You are unique, your mind, your body, your basic make-up is 100% different to the person next to you, enabling you to come up with new and fresh ideas that the person you're competing with or riding shotgun on their coat tails, may not see through a narrowed vision. 

Embrace what you have to offer as yourself, view the world as only you can  and take the path less travelled, you'll be all the better for it!

Keep Your Eyes Up

We need to constantly be dreaming of bigger and bigger things -  more extravagant goals, new and more fierce ways to challenge ourselves, crazier achievements and enormous, seemingly unachievable dreams (to everyone but the dreamer). We also need to stay anchored to some extent, allow our heads and our hearts to dream, wonderous unfathomable things while keeping sound enough to bring them into reality. 

Our path is one of achievement and success, of courage and self-belief, of dreaming and doing, of life and living. We need to be encouraged to dream to the depths of the vast universe  and believe that we can reach those dreams if we believe in them enough. 




You have no limits to your capabilities. You are strong, successful, independent and infinitely more capable than you believe yourself to be. The only thing holding you back, is the limitations you have placed upon yourself. The only thing holding you back, is your belief that you cannot breach the walls you've built for yourself.

When you stop restricting yourself and start believing in yourself, an entire world of possibility opens up in front of you. Things you never believed possible or achievable are suddenly within reach and you're driven to reach them. Don't allow other people's beliefs and restrictions to limit you, don't allow the negativity to seep into your self belief like a disease, pulling you apart from the inside out - remain a vehement self believer, with the world at her feet and you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. Nothing is too hard, no goal too big. 

You are extraordinary.



They say that seeing your goals written in your own handwriting is a powerful thing, moreso if you record yourself saying them proudly and replaying them often because goals spoken to you in your own voice hold more weight and significance than any typographical print on your office wall. 

So to, this power applies to the negatives. We have an uncanny ability to destroy ourselves from the inside out, to take a positive and turn it into a negative without any reason or evidence that it may sway that way. We overanalyse everything before it happens and imagine and fear the  potential negative ramifications of our actions without reason, other than our mind believing in the inevitability that we will fail. 

It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's in regard to your relationship, your career, your image or your self-worth, it's imperative that you speak to yourself with reverence, a gratitude for simply remembering to breathe, a gratitude for function and intelligence, for qualities and characteristics that make you so entirely unique and inherently good. 

Instead of picking yourself apart as you look in the mirror, look deeper - catch your own eye and tell yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments, thank yourself for pressing on even in the most trying adversity, choose a quality of your personality that you admire. It's not ego, it's balance. 

You wouldn't speak to your boss, even someone on the street with the kind of language and criticism that you apply to yourself so why do you think it's ok to drag yourself down at every turn? 

Be proud of who you are. Catch the negative thoughts before they form, believe in the people around you and in yourself. Your body, your heart, your soul, your mind haven't given up on you, so don't give up on them.

Go Get It

A girl I knew growing up had big ideas about her life, about her personal relationships, her career, what her life would become when she was an adult, the drawback was that she never had any intention of making it happen. She would tell us quite matter-of-factly that she didn't want to go out of her way to meet people,  that she would instead have everything fall into her lap. The man she planned to marry will show up at her door and it'll be love at first sight, she'll land an amazing job (sans interview) and progress through the career ladder to become a high-powered attorney (sans education) and would live in an incredible house that she owned outright. 

Reality: Age 32. Still in same junior level job she left school and 'landed'. Single. Living in apartment her parents' purchased. 

Moral of the story is that life doesn't 'happen' to you, what you wish for has to be followed with an action plan. If you wish for great romantic love, you need to go on a few dates, if you wish for money, you need to put down the credit cards, get a job and start saving and investing, if you wish for success, you need a vision of what success looks like to you and how you will achieve it. 

Go out and find success, find what makes you happy, find what aids you in your pursuit and combine the elements to help you achieve it. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just need have the action plan to back it up. 

Get Creative

There will always be something to hold you back, there will always be someone or something in your way, your heart heavy as you wile away time panicking about that roadblock and how to hurdle it. 

Time can be lost in waves if you dwell on it, so too can the despair surmount as your mindset turns from one of optimism and success to one of despair and panic so allow yourself a moment to freak out if you must but then pull it together and get creative. 

You're not the first person to have a meltdown in a supermarket or on someone's lawn because you don't have it all together the way you thought you would. You're not the first person to feel as though you've failed, or to actually fail dramatically and miserably. Plenty of people have come before you, plenty of people have had their ducts fail in traffic and wail out tears like the first two rows of a Backstreet Boys concert back in the 90s. 

It's time to pull it together and get creative. If your method isn't working, scribble out other ways to make money, or other ways to make it work. If it's something outside your skillset, ask for help - no one will ever fault you for asking for help. 

If it's a financial crisis, figure out how to leverage your skillset, your business into new and complementary services you hadn't thought of before. 

There is never any true failure. There is always light, there is always a way, you just need to push through the meltdown (even avoid it if you can) and find a better, more creative way. 

We believe in you.

You Are Where You Need To Be

This quote from Douglas Adams speaks volumes to all of us.

At multiple points in our lives, we will question how we arrived there - how with a specific intention and direction, we have, for better or for worse, arrived at the point we find ourselves. It may be overnight success or a series of failures but there is a simple truth that rings through all of it - it may not be where you intended to go, you may not be who, where or what you intended to be, but wherever you are, whomever you have become, is exactly where you needed to be.

That may be hard to stomach if you find yourself in a pit of despair but perhaps you're there to learn how strong you truly are, how losing everything can force you to rebuild and cultivate an inherent courage and tenacity you thought you were lacking. 

Wherever you are, is the sum of the effort you've put into it, the power of your self-belief and the gift of what you think you deserve.  So believe big, dream big, desire big and always remember that a backstep is not a failure, that a dark place of despair is an opportunity to rise and that success is not forever, always keep working, always keep believing!