You Are Where You Need To Be

This quote from Douglas Adams speaks volumes to all of us.

At multiple points in our lives, we will question how we arrived there – how with a specific intention and direction, we have, for better or for worse, arrived at the point we find ourselves. It may be overnight success or a series of failures but there is a simple truth that rings through all of it – it may not be where you intended to go, you may not be who, where or what you intended to be, but wherever you are, whomever you have become, is exactly where you needed to be.

That may be hard to stomach if you find yourself in a pit of despair but perhaps you’re there to learn how strong you truly are, how losing everything can force you to rebuild and cultivate an inherent courage and tenacity you thought you were lacking.

Wherever you are, is the sum of the effort you’ve put into it, the power of your self-belief and the gift of what you think you deserve.  So believe big, dream big, desire big and always remember that a backstep is not a failure, that a dark place of despair is an opportunity to rise and that success is not forever, always keep working, always keep believing!

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