Remember Why You Started

Leaving mainstream work to set out on your own is hard. It’s trying and downright difficult at times, especially when you start to become bogged down by bills and a lack of income or by the stress of being all roles in the business in a one-woman band. 

It’s easy in these times to remember mainstream work fondly, the security of a regular paycheck, the responsibilities far less and more manageable. It’s during these times that you must remember why you started. 

You began this journey because you had a dream – whether that be to change the world, to fill a gap in the market or to work for yourself: for the freedom, the future security and the personal accountability for your own (and your business’) growth and survival. You had a dream, you made a decision, you left the mainstream to venture out on your own with a vision or idea and a heck-of-a-lot of passion and you are pushing towards something greater. 

Keep going. Keep pushing. Strive to achieve that goal. Remember why you started.

JAGGAR International

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