5 problems in a relationship that can be solved with sex

You spend little time together

Busy work schedule, traffic jams, household chores, and some — even children take up most of life. Sooner or later, standing in line for food, you realize how long you have not been together fully. Here’s to no one sprinkled your head with a designer “LEGO” and wrote messages in 12 nights with a request to send the morning report.

Just the two of us, hugging and talking about important things. No, it’s not about where the money to take a vacation.

Although such time you have. About 15 minutes for sex, quick, before going to bed, get up early tomorrow. And is always in any loving couple, unless the partners have agreed on something else.

Now, to spend more time together, just spend it having sex. And plan this sex, put a note in the diary. Not for 15 minutes, but a couple of hours, at least once a week.

Such a “business” event is much easier to prepare and implement than a conditional trip to a restaurant or a movie. First, do not spend money, and secondly — save time. Third — you spend time together, and so closely that there is no closer.

Erotic games for bringing together sex: “Deck of cards”, “Mirror”, “Captive and others”.

You fought and you don’t want to talk to each other

Psychologists and sexologists are partly right when they say: you can not end a quarrel violent sex. Passions subside, and unresolved disagreements will continue to corrode your relationship.

But, wait, who prevents to have sex, to relieve tension, to tell in body language that it was impossible to Express in words… And only then, when you are both happy and satisfied, calmly discuss all the accumulated issues.

Games that will help to better understand each other: “Crocodile”, “Tickle”, “Candy” and others.

You have little… sex’s

Sex is the barometer of a relationship. When it becomes critically low, or it is lost completely — this is a very alarming sign. Do not forget that couples with experience are making love less often than in the beginning of the relationship, but the erotic does not disappear completely, it just becomes less.

But if sex is on the verge of extinction, it is necessary to take measures. As a rule, you do not want to be close to each other when it does not bring pleasure to one of the partners. If you stop enjoying each other, it does not mean the beginning of the end. This means that it is possible and necessary to look for other ways, to renegotiate, to get to know each other again. That is — to realize what erotic program you are used to perform, and try to learn a new one.

Tricks that are worth borrowing: “Trick with games”, “Trick with porn”, “Trick with romance” and others.

Can’t solve everyday problems

Sometimes this is not obvious, but mutual carping increases when sex in a couple becomes less. It’s simple: the long absence of psycho-emotional discharge affects, tension and irritation accumulate. Here and take it out on each other in detail: the shelves are not nailed! The cornices are not hung! Dishes not washed! The bathroom mirror is splattered with toothpaste again!

No, that won’t do. There is no need to find out who is right, who is to blame, whether you have a Patriarchal family or an equal one. Just go to the bedroom. A slight irritation makes both slightly on edge, this will help get excited.

Erotic corners of the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and others.

You don’t get enough sleep

How does this affect relationships? Very simple: regular lack of sleep reduces potency in men and libido in women. We no longer say that sleep-deprived (and hungry) people are very irritable. Hence the quarrels, the disappearance of sex, the possible separation…

But let’s not be dramatic. Get some sleep. And once you do, have sex. A cocktail of hormones, which the body receives after a good orgasm — the best sleeping pills in the world.

Several poses for very lazy sex: “Spoon”, “Jockey”, “Cooperation” and others.

In General, of course, sex is not a panacea for all family troubles. But it is at least a pleasant, converging and free lesson.

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