We know – but stick with it anyway

We, the startups, the entrepreneurs, the home-business owners, the small businesses, the careerists, the dreamers, the doers – we all know how frustrating it can be to have such a crisp, clear goal, a strategy to achieve it but to be held back by something, whether it’s money, time, capability or the fact that you’re one person with only 24 hours in each day and 100 hours of work to fit into them.

We know what’s it’s like to look at how much there is to be done and become overwhelmed to the point that it’s easier to do none of it than to try and make a dent.

We know that we spend our weekends planning the week ahead in categories – what day can I see my partner, when can I fit in that call, which of my child’s sports events can I make and what do I need to sacrifice?

We know how incredibly frustrating it is to have any of those plans change or switch days because we know the total mental reshuffle required and how that thing might have been your saving grace amongst the craziness for that week.

We also know how things that so many, so easily find time for are things we simply can’t justify – both from a financial perspective (who of us can justify paying $200 for a hairdresser to cut off 3cms in a regular trim and call it ‘styling’) and from a time management perspective (who of us has an hour or two to actually go to the hairdresser?) – I use the hairdresser example because I, myself have hair down to my waist which is split pretty much from my shoulder blades down but short of a spontaneous frustrated bathroom fit armed with a pair of shears, that is how it will remain for some time yet).

But the hardest part still, is staying positive that your vision for your goal will eventuate, that even with the late night toiling, the juggling act of work, family, friends and side hustle, the sleep deprivation, the financial deprivation, the social Siberia, the frustrations taken out on loved ones, the inability to make any headway on those ever-expanding to-do lists, that some day, and preferably, someday soon, that vision you’re clinging to will eventuate, that you’ll be sitting in your office, eating your third piece of buttery toast for day (how luxurious- if you’re a buttery toast addict) and you’ll look around and realise that in this mundane act, you have actually realised your vision, that your business has launched successfully and you’re now working on it full time from your own office, that your goal to run that marathon has happened and you’re now nursing your tired knees while planning your next goal, that your career is exactly what you dreamed it to be, allowing you the flexibility to juggle more strategically and liberally.

The hard part is sticking with it. We promise, it WILL happen if you’re clear on it.

If you’re vision is of financial security, don’t envision expensive luxury cars and executive houses in multiple countries, popping expensive champagne because if you’ve earned all that cash yourself to get there, you’re likely someone who has learned th value of money and wouldn’t spend it with such frivolity. Think more of what it will mean at that time. Even just the vision of being able to buy a large purchase without shuffling money, or picturing yourself working from home carefree in a home that you own outright perhaps – it doesn’t need to have multiple wings, three pools and an eight car garage, even simply owning a home that speaks to your style shows financial security. You need to attach emotion to the various elements in your vision otherwise it’s hollow and is more of a ‘Lottery Vision’ which doesn’t carry the weight needed for years of toiling to achieve.

Stick with it. Even when it’s so hard you just want to quit. Even when you’re eating your 12th can of pears for the week (straight from the can) because it’s cheaper and lasts longer than a loaf of bread. Even when you’re so frustrated, overworked and overstressed that even your partner mutilating a cheesecake trying to get it out of the container for you brings you to a completely inappropriate volume of tears – stick with it.

Imagine sitting in your home office, it’s 10am, you’re wearing bed socks, you’re on your third piece of buttery toast, working on your business which is so wildly successful that you can hardly believe that you’ve done it yourself, you’re relaxed, the dog is sitting on your foot, you’re financially secure, you’ve achieved your goal, you did it-now you’re planning your next goal because you know how powerful you are when you have a dream.

That’s success. That’s a damn successful vision of success. It’s not about cashflow or cars, houses or holidays, it’s a feeling. Drive towards that feeling with everything you’ve got and don’t stop until you’re there.

We’ll help you get there.

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