Who Actually Cares?

So often, we catch ourselves in a vicious cycle of self-perceived judgement. In a world where judging people has become more of an initial nature than a second, it’s easy to understand why we’re trapped in that train of thought but it’s also imperative to stop ourselves and simply ask – who actually cares? – people are so incredibly caught up with their own issues, their own struggles and insecurities, their own perceived judgements that they’re actually too busy to really lend you a second thought and on a finer note – what makes their opinion worth any measure of weight in yours?

No matter what you’re doing – whether you’re planning your future business, pursuing a goal or simply deciding what to wear today, make your decisions your own, think only of how those decisions make you personally feel, how making those decisions impacts your personal bubble and as long as it’s not affecting anyone other than you, feel free to be selfish with how you feel, feel free to be selfish with your decisions and how they impact your day because honestly, no one cares what you’re wearing, no one cares if your lipstick is too bright, if you met your partner on Tinder, if you’re still wearing pyjamas at four in the afternoon or that you’re on your fourth consecutive season of New Girl courtesy of a Netflix binge session.

Unless your actions directly affect them or they have a vested interest in your behaviour, people don’t actually care and more importantly do their opinions on such trivial things actually matter to you?

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