The Meaning of Life

This one is a personal quote: So many of us question why we’re here, what we’re meant for, what our purpose is – we study and read, educate ourselves on the ins and outs of the world, the words of the great philosophers, religions and literature working together in some sort of journey map to the meaning of life, but I have always thought of is as follows:

The meaning of life… is simply to find meaning. 

There is no one size fits all meaning of life for every person on this Earth, there is no magical number 42 that speaks to the meaning of your unique life. The meaning of life is to search for what makes your life meaningful – family, books, love, film, philanthropy, animals, self-worth – whatever it is, it’s about finding your own meaning, forging your own place in the world, not taking the route of everyone else, but choosing a path to follow of your own making. 

So follow your heart and find what makes life meaningful to you.

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