Jump First, Grow Wings Later

Without risk, we’d remain stagnant, never moving forward, never growing, simultaneously frustrated and complacent. Risk is what drives us, it fuels our ambitions which in turn fuel our success. 

When it comes to a job you want but you’re not completely experienced for, you’re likely to not apply because they might say no but really if you’re constantly willing to learn and grow, you’ll find you can do anything you set your mind to and by not applying you’re depriving yourself of an opportunity for growth. Apply for that job and if it’s within the realm of immediate possibility, then fudge your way through the interview and prepare to  learn fast, if it’s a little further outside your experience, then be honest and tell them you don’t have exactly what they need but you learn lightning fast, you crave knowledge and skill and you’ll work hard to pick it up because you want the experience, you want to grow with the company, for the company.  It’ll usually impress them so much that they’ll hire you and put effort into training you rather than passing because you didn’t have the skill and didn’t back your ability to learn. 

Similarly with entrepreneurial or personal goals – sometimes, you’ve just got to leap first and ask questions later. We are continually signing up for things that will greatly challenge us personally and professionally, even if they’re wildly outside our comfort zone or current skillset. The point is to set a goal – the crazier the better, and work towards it by learning, honing and developing the skills you need to achieve it.

JAGGAR International

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