Kill Them With Kindness, Bury Them With a Smile

People WILL doubt you.  They’ll mock your efforts to forge your own way to success, they’ll try to hold you down and call you stupid for trying to be original.

Your competitors WILL try to eat away at you until you quit, to strip your down mentally and emotionally until there’s nothing left.

They will try to get a rise out of you, they’ll prod you on purpose to get a reaction, just to see what you’ll do…

And you know what you’ll do?

You’ll hold your damn head high because you have a goal. You are focused on that goal. You are positive and optimistic and you have dreams – all things that these people do not have.

You will smile at them, even if it takes a second to exhale, and you may even thank them for their comments. The truth is that these people will pop up numerous times throughout your life, anytime they catch you with that glimmer of success in your eye.

The pursuit of success is often one that draws the Doom & Gloomers, those who are too afraid to harness their own ambitions or who tried, failed and didn’t use that failure as an opportunity and now are here solely to try and bring you down, bring anyone down who is making an effort to succeed.

Your future is extraordinarily bright, your ambitions and your drive to achieve them are fuel for your success, there is absolutely nothing that any person can do or say to detract from your abundant capabilities and your capacity for success. ┬áDon’t ever give in to the downward spiral of the naysayers who couldn’t do what you CAN and WILL do.

Kill them with kindness. Bury them with a smile. Let your success do all the talking.

JAGGAR International

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