Get Creative

There will always be something to hold you back, there will always be someone or something in your way, your heart heavy as you wile away time panicking about that roadblock and how to hurdle it.

Time can be lost in waves if you dwell on it, so too can the despair surmount as your mindset turns from one of optimism and success to one of despair and panic so allow yourself a moment to freak out if you must but then pull it together and get creative.

You’re not the first person to have a meltdown in a supermarket or on someone’s lawn because you don’t have it all together the way you thought you would. You’re not the first person to feel as though you’ve failed, or to actually fail dramatically and miserably. Plenty of people have come before you, plenty of people have had their ducts fail in traffic and wail out tears like the first two rows of a Backstreet Boys concert back in the 90s.

It’s time to pull it together and get creative. If your method isn’t working, scribble out other ways to make money, or other ways to make it work. If it’s something outside your skillset, ask for help – no one will ever fault you for asking for help.

If it’s a financial crisis, figure out how to leverage your skillset, your business into new and complementary services you hadn’t thought of before.

There is never any true failure. There is always light, there is always a way, you just need to push through the meltdown (even avoid it if you can) and find a better, more creative way.

We believe in you.

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