No one Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

There is no person on this earth who has power over you or your mindset. You are the sole proprietor of your mind, body and soul and every decision, every emotion is entirely yours. Those that choose to bring down those of us with the powerful insight to know we cannot be burned are merely those without the insight within themselves.

What you allow is what will continue. If you allow someone to make you feel inferior, to make you feel less than what you are, or even what you think you are, it is a behaviour that will continue and be echoed throughout your life. Make a stand. Decide that you are worth far more to yourself, that you add value to this world, that this person is ineffectual and insignificant within the realm of your life and move past it.

You are damn extraordinary! We believe it and we’ve never met. Imagine how grand you must be in person.

JAGGAR International

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