Lost in Life?

It’s intriguing and empowering to see how the workforce has changed in this generation. Generations before share the belief that you had to decide what your future would be in high-school and once on that career path, there was no changing. Others in that generation had their future dictated for them with the family business to take over. Very few wavered from the path to set out on their own. Now though, adults are returning to college to study – either to further their education or for the very first time.

We have so many people changing industries, starting their own businesses, creating new workstyles and reimagining the workplace. This is an incredibly exciting time for our future – whether you’re starting out on your own or switching paths, there’s never been a better time. Don’t fear uncertainty, just prepare to work hard. Whether you’re 16 or 64, there’s no such thing as ‘too late’ to make a change.

JAGGAR International

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