Push Through the Plateau

It’s really easy to lost motivation once you step out of routine a while and with the holidays not long ago and with so many long weekends at every corner of late, it’s easy to let routine slip by the wayside in favour of long holidays and relaxation.

Whatever goal you’re working towards, it’s important to find a way to push through the plateau and continue your pursuit. Whether you’re a runner with your eyes on a marathon this year but you’ve been lax on training over the past couple of months or you’re an entrepreneur who has found it difficult getting back into the grind of seemingly never ending days and little reward after lounging poolside without giving the business a second thought, it’s time to work out how to get back.

For the runner, perhaps it’s starting a relaxed routine, slowly building up to your training plan or if you’re like me, perhaps it’s throwing yourself back in the deep end, putting those pizzas and lie-ins behind you – a mere distant memory to your now 5am daily starts.

For the business owner, the pools will still be there – and we promise if you can just put in the work now, you’ll make it to your goal, you’ll push through to a point where pools can be your everyday while the business runs itself through your valued team. This is just the point where you need to work those insane hours to get there faster.

Whatever your vision of success, keep it close to you, keep it in your heart, your constant and empowered thoughts, keep it right in front of your eyes at all times, in your handwriting, on your noticeboard, on your desktop or mobile wallpaper – anywhere you’re likely to glimpse it on a regular basis so that you remember what you’re working towards.

You’re ambitious, you have goals and dreams and what’s better, you have the tenacity to see it through, you just need to push past this tiny plateau.

JAGGAR International

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