Go Get It

A girl I knew growing up had big ideas about her life, about her personal relationships, her career, what her life would become when she was an adult, the drawback was that she never had any intention of making it happen. She would tell us quite matter-of-factly that she didn’t want to go out of her way to meet people,  that she would instead have everything fall into her lap. The man she planned to marry will show up at her door and it’ll be love at first sight, she’ll land an amazing job (sans interview) and progress through the career ladder to become a high-powered attorney (sans education) and would live in an incredible house that she owned outright.

Reality: Age 32. Still in same junior level job she left school and ‘landed’. Single. Living in apartment her parents’ purchased.

Moral of the story is that life doesn’t ‘happen’ to you, what you wish for has to be followed with an action plan. If you wish for great romantic love, you need to go on a few dates, if you wish for money, you need to put down the credit cards, get a job and start saving and investing, if you wish for success, you need a vision of what success looks like to you and how you will achieve it.

Go out and find success, find what makes you happy, find what aids you in your pursuit and combine the elements to help you achieve it. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just need have the action plan to back it up.

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