Push On Harder

The sad part of this quote is that it is as true now as it was in Clare Boothe Luce’s lifetime. Clare accomplished a great many things, a Hollywood career, a successful journalism and literary career and even becoming a woman of high influence in politics and a valued second to Dwight D Eisenhower.

While we have made great strides in equality, there’s still an air of the ‘like a girl’ mantra surrounding women along with the pressure to succeed gracefully and grandly (and maintaining it without fault).

For as long as this stigma is attached to women, we will constantly need to push ourselves harder,  take on more, be more, pursue more until we can be on an equal plateau as men.

Push harder, pursue everything you wish for because strong women like Clare Boothe Luce are the grand examples of what a woman can achieve if she sets her mind to something.

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