Imagination Fuel

Imagination is an incredibly powerful thing. If you can imagine it, you can do it- no matter how high the climb or how hard the push, your imagination serves you. 
The flip side though is that your imagination can get carried away into darker places as you create scenarios in your head of how it will all go wrong, how people will react, how you will need to defend your choices in a given situation. 

In reality though, the wild negative imaginings never eventuate, you’re just stressing yourself out for scenarios that may never happen. 

Don’t allow your imagination to escape you. Take each day as it comes, don’t prepare to fail by imagining how it’ll impact on you and those around you if you fail. Prepare for success, prepare to embrace everything your imagination and your world presents to you. Tackle the negative when it comes, if it ever comes and just focus on the wonder of possibility. 

JAGGAR International

JAGGAR International is the ultimate resource for the discerning, ambitious woman. It seeks to inspire and motivate young women into their careers, to help them build self confidence and go confidently in the direction of their dreams. It seeks to mentor young women and seasoned female executives in the pursuit of success and entrepreneurship.

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