How to Control Your Mindset

In order to pursue the promise of a successful business, you need to be mentally tough – resilience is key to any merger, startup or even in relation to your personal goals.

Regardless of what your goal may be, career or personal, you need to have the mental toughness to handle what’s thrown at you on a daily basis and have the ability to take a beat and find a solution on the spot when presented with a hurdle.

So how do you do that?

Don’t Whine

Complaining and panicking doesn’t fix the situation, it only brings you down further as you begin to imagine all the other bad things that could spiral off this one negative occurence.

You inherently know what needs to be done, you know that complaining won’t fix the situation, you need to focus on the task at hand – mounting that hurdle – assess the situation, work out what needs to be done and how you’re going to make it happen – and then do it. If you need to panic, you tell yourself that you can panic after you’ve solved it, by which time, there isn’t anything to panic about.

Remain in Control

Regardless of where you are in your career or goal, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional, you need to be relentlessly in pursuit of your passion. You need to develop a tunnelvision for your goal where nothing else interferes. Your thoughts can determine your outlook just as your focus can determine your success. Stay focused, stay in control and on the path through that tunnel to light at the end. Everything you do should in some way benefit your goal and move you further down the tunnel.

Don’t Care About What Others Think

Don’t rely on anyone’s opinion and when someone gives you theirs unsolicited, take it with a grain of salt. The only opinion that matters is your own. Whatever your goal, personal or professional, people will line up to tell you how foolish you are, no matter what it is because people are just bred to troll. In reality, they’re frustrated at themselves and jealous because you’re doing something they can’t, or can’t be bothered to do. Unless it is constructive and specifically helps you to build on or achieve your goal, take it with salt and throw it over your shoulder for luck.

Seek Out Change

So many people are terrified of the thought of change, and when it happens, it usually blindsides them into a panic because they didn’t see it coming. If you’re always prepared for the inevitability of change, if you’re actively searching for it, you’ll evolve and grow and be able to handle change with grace and aplomb anytime you encounter it while your less-tough counterparts worry and whine in the other room.

Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling

Don’t limit yourself,your goals shouldn’t be small and easily achievable, they should be so big that people think you’re a fool for trying, they should mean intensive hard work, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, challenging yourself physically, emotionally, mentally. allow your drive to outweigh your fear and focus on your vision of success. Create a legacy of success and achievement for yourself, don’t shy in to the background like a wallflower. You were meant to shine, so switch on.

If it’s beyond your control, let it go

There’s a great book called “Practicing the Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle wherein this quote is found: “If there is no action you can take, and you cannot remove yourself from the situation either, then use the situation to make you go more deeply… into the now… When you enter …the present, change often comes about in strange ways without the need for a great deal of doing on your part. Life becomes helpful and cooperative. If inner factors such as fear, guilt, or inertia prevented you from taking action, they will dissolve in the light of your conscious presence”

You can’t waste time panicking or worrying about something beyond your control, if you’ve done your part and it’s all you can do, this is where you need to leave it and trust that it will work out for the better. Overanalysis and self-blame are products of our selfconscious and blame shifting society and are elements you need to remove to become mentally tough.

You are no lesser than anyone else. You have unfathomable capabilities. You are astounding, extraordinary. What is in your control, you will master, what is outside of it, you will surpass. The less ‘in control’ you allow yourself to feel, the easier you start to see the threads of your tightly woven life unravel. Just allow yourself to see past the immediate issue and see only the solution.

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