Wedding Series Part 2: Fitness on a Budget

A range of fitness options for every budget in mind that will get you moving towards your most confident self for your big day.

As your big day comes up, both parties getting hitched are going to want to look their best. So you get on the internet and you think, ok, should I do Crossfit? Or yoga sculpt? Or Pilates? What will give me the results I’m looking for? And then you get dizzy from the information overload on body types, exercise kinds, studio passes and all of their rules, gym packages with lifelong contracts and you’re so tired you forget you were supposed to workout.

This is where investing in a personal trainer could be a good option for you. However, I’m going to list out a range of options for every budget in mind that will get you moving towards your most confident self for your big day. I will dive into the specifics of investing in a trainer next week.

For Budgeting Brides:

* Option 1: Electronic Trainers*

Believe it or not, you can get an excellent electronic trainer for free. Why? Because it’s all about the apps, baby! Want hardcore intense workouts for every level? Try the Nike Training Club app. It’s free, you can set the time, the experience level, and more, and it even includes video demos. The only downside is it’s quite a large download. Otherwise, it’s a bargain that will kick your booty and train you with what equipment (or lack theroeof) you have access to. There are also multiple Tabata interval timer apps out there, giving you an HIIT knockout body!

Want more zen? Try iYoga or Simply Yoga Free. Both are free (although the upgraded paid version of Simply Yoga is awesome and worth the few bucks) and both are full yoga videos to follow along with. It might be best to download this on a tablet so that you can actually watch the video (versus on your phone).

Don’t stop there though. You can also get a free Pilates app too. The simply named Pilates has videos focused on certain parts of the body. There are several others on the market as well, including Daily Leg Workout and Learn Pilates FREE.

With discipline and good form, it’s possible to get a well-rounded training program from online sources.

Option 2: Print-Out/ Magazine Routines

Of course, you can also use old-school paper magazine routines, costing you perhaps $5-$25/ month depending on which magazines you purchase.

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For the Middle of the Road Bride:

Perhaps you know that you need to invest something in getting fit for your wedding but the budget is saying otherwise.

Option 1: Invest in Home Exercise Equipment & Videos

A step above our first section, investing in home exercise equipment and videos can be a great option for those with the living room space to workout at home. Used DVDs can be like new on Craiglist, Ebay, and Amazon. There are also great deals on equipment at websites like and the usually daily deals sites. Scour those sales!

Option 2: The Gym Membership

A logical investment in fitness is a gym membership. See if you can get a deal if you and your future spouse sign up together and always try to negotiate for no enrollment fee (January is usually a good time to finding deals!). Also, read the contract carefully and ask questions. Will you be liable if you want to quit? Does it include classes or are those extra charges? Ranging from the $19 gym box places with no showers to over $100/ month for luxury fitness centers with pools, you will want to investigate your neighborhood for the best deal and what suits your needs.

Option 3: Class Studio Memberships

Boutique studios that offer a specialty classes are quite popular right now. From yoga to Spinning to kickboxing, some studios offer a variety of classes and others have only one kind (i.e a Crossfit “box” will likely only offer Crossfit classes). If you have a certain kind of class that you love, like Spinning, getting a membership or class pack can be worth your bucks and ensure that you attend. One of my closest friends loves Spinning and made the investment in a 6 month membership (a whopping $800). She then bought a calendar to mark off the days she went and realized that if she went 3-4 days per week, it was a mere $8/class and well worth her initial albeit steep investment. She lost 20 pounds and looked FABULOUS for her big day!

Option 4: Become a Discount Site Diva

If you just like classes and are okay with a flavor of the month, become a discount email diva. Use sites like Groupon, Gilt City, Amazon Local, and Living Social to live off 1 month specials such as gym memberships and class packs. Just remember to read the fine print (most are for new clients only or if you have been inactive for a year) and then USE THE VOUCHER! Don’t let it expire or you’ll be paying just as much as the customer next to you. In a limited number of cities, there is also a service called ClassPass. For $100/month, you get up to 3 visits to every participating studio each month. What a deal!

Option 5: Kick Start with a Trainer (and then move to something else)

If you know you want a personal trainer, but can’t invest long term, most studios and the above discount sites offer 6-12 session packages (I’ve even seen 20 packs!) at 50% off for training. If you join a gym, there also might be some complimentary training sessions involved.

So there you have it. Options for every budget to get in shape, look and feel your best for your big day. You can pick and choose, and have a great time to boot while getting a great booty.

Next week, I’ll go into the Personal Trainer investment in depth. Feel free to Tweet me or email me your bridal fitness investment!

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