How to Start Video Marketing and Do it Right

Video marketing seems to be everywhere now, from social networking sites to your inbox. At mostly 60 seconds or less, videos are an excellent way to get attention for your business or cause. These videos convey the message in a creative way and nobody seems to mind a little entertainment.

It’s time to gear up and start making these videos and make people talk about you and your business.

For entrepreneurs, video marketing is gold as these short videos give you a good platform to showcase your offerings and connect with thousands of people. When viewers watch your videos, they want to be entertained and informed. You should work on the content, lighting, venue and actors as per your budget and style preference. Many entrepreneurs feature themselves in these videos, shoot inside their offices and use natural light (or other easy-to-use equipment). You will only have 30 to 60 seconds to say it all, so get it right.

Here are our tips to make your videos dramatic, entertaining and informational.

1. Hire people to write

When you want people to know about your offering, rely on experts. The script writers know how to send the message across the audience. They write phrases that will go well with the animation or the choreography. The timing of each scene and the length of each dialogue must complement each other. Your scriptwriter will weave the phrases which are easy to hear and understand. They will ensure that the word count is just enough for the
audience to understand the business offering in a few seconds. There are many scriptwriters available in the market that are affordable and work independently.

2. Keep a separate budget

The video making process involves the cast, crew, and venue. It is different from other marketing campaigns. This one will be talking directly to your viewers. So don’t let financial pressure mess it up. Start by assigning a separate budget and work within those boundaries. When you know how much your budget is, you will be able to gauge the quality of video you can afford. A well thought out budget also helps you decide whether your idea of the video is achievable or not.

3. Be realistic

What do you want? An animated video, hiring actors with a big set up or just a casual video with your team talking about the amazing things you are doing at work? Decide beforehand as a lot of time and effort goes into making these videos. A few ways by which you can make this decision is to:

a) Identify your audience and understand what they would like

b) Decide what kind of visuals will connect with the viewers

c) Find out what is trending and what gets the web traffic going

4. If it is your first time, tell a story

If this is your first video, make it tell a story. Tell people about you and explain to them what value your product or service will bring into their lives. There are so many women who are fighting hard to get their business idea a voice. This marketing method can become your chance to do that.

Finally, don’t bore your viewers. Keep the video short, make it worth their time and ensure they will come back again. You can post these videos on your website and YouTube. In the end, just ask one thing to yourself – Will this video help someone?

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