How to: Delegate

Are you still living in denial that you can do everything and don’t really need any help? A lot of women face this problem. If you think that not having a helping hand or by not asking people to help, that it will make you stronger or more independent, you are burdening yourself with ‘extra’ work every day.

Identify, and don’t reason away your problem

If you find yourself doing jobs which you could easily delegate, are spending time rescheduling your day to fit in as many tasks as possible (including your subordinate’s work) and find that you don’t have the confidence in others to delegate the work to, then it’s time to take the next step towards sharing the load.


Once you realise that you’re not the odd one out and that there are many like you, make your actions speak louder than your words. Whether it’s by employing someone to help or just releasing the strings a bit and allowing people to help, start with small tasks. If you are a homemaker, ask your husband to help organise the pantry or fold the clothes for you. If you are a businesswoman, divide your workload with the team and try to step away and just supervise them. Let your team know that you trust their efforts and timely delivery of work. In no time, your days will be less burdened and your mind will get the chance to do nothing but relax – but you do have to make the effort to step back.

Supervise and Ensure Comprehension

When you share the work load, there can be times when the results will disappoint you. This is common in the workplace when your subordinates do not meet your quality standards or do not properly understand the brief, but can you blame them entirely? No. You can ask for help but you can’t get a promise that the work will 100% adhere to your standards. People are different in the way they do their work and it’s also your responsibility to ensure that the task is relayed and understood in an efficient manner to make it easier for the delegate to do the job right first time. When you share the workload, you must supervise them to ensure that the job is well done but from a step back because no one likes micromanagement. Be wise, supervise!

Asking for help and helping others will always make you happy. Try it today. Discover how others can make a difference in your life. Write to us about how you have made this change.

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