Healthy Holidays Tips

Recruit a friend to help keep you accountable.If your gym is closed for holidays, workout at home or at the park.Try to incorporate some cardio into every day. Whether it is a brisk walk with the dog, or a few rounds of burpees in the living room, every little bit helps.Go for a walk before and after a dinner party.Come up with a reward for not missing a single workout, and use that as motivation.If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, but don’t let it become a pattern.

Eating Your Favorite Foods Without The Guilt

Everyone can agree, one of the best things about the holiday season is the food. From Halloween candy, to Thanksgiving dressing, to Christmas ham and New Year’s drinks, there are so many delicious options it’s hard to control the overwhelming urge to eat everything in sight. The problem with these situations is that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We get carried away with eating a little bit of everything, or a lot of everything, and we don’t recognize that we are full. There is nothing wrong with indulging on comfort foods once in a while, but a healthy balance is a must. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite homemade goodies, but don’t overeat them either. Don’t forget the key to successful dieting is moderation.

A trigger for unhealthy eating habits during the holidays are the infamous pumpkin spice and peppermint. Each fall, pumpkin spice makes a raging come back and hangs around until the New Year. There are pumpkin spice flavored coffees, breads, cookies, and even gum. Then comes peppermint. These nostalgic flavors have us wrapped around their metaphoric fingers and we *have *to have them. If you become a frequent coffee shop visitor during these times, try to modify your favorite holiday drink with less sugar and fat. You might be surprised to find out how many pumps of these syrups are put into one small cup. Try cutting the number of pumps in half, opting for non-fat milk, and holding off on the whipped cream and crushed candy cane toppings. You don’t have to deny yourself these temporary indulgences, but you can help yourself out by making a conscious effort to create a healthier version.

Tips for eating healthy during the holidays:

Don’t go up for seconds. Stick to one plate of food.Don’t drink all of your daily calories or sugar intake. Choose water over juices or cocktails.Eat a healthy snack before a party to curb your appetite and keep you from overeating.Bring gum with you to help from continuing to eat.Don’t skip meals after a party because you feel guilty for overeating or eating unhealthy. Instead, eat small, well-balanced meals of fruits, vegetables, and protein.Hosting a Healthy Party.

If you are the host of a holiday party you should feel free to use it to your advantage. Don’t feel pressured to only serve the typical unhealthy holiday dishes and desserts. Get creative by offering healthy alternatives and introducing new recipes to your guests. This can be as simple as eliminating a sweet potato, brown sugar and marshmallow casserole with plain baked sweet potatoes. Or by not providing sodas and juices, but flavored or infused water instead.

Tips for hosting a healthier party:

Eliminate sugar or butter where it is not necessary. For example, don’t spread butter on bread or rolls, and don’t top desserts with more sugar or powdered sugar as a garnish.

Use skim or non-fat milk when possible.Try to use raw or unaltered fruits and vegetables as much as possible.Give away your leftovers, or freeze them for later use.

Focus on the guests! Have games or social projects ready to go so there is more to do than just eat.Cut dishes such as pies or brownies into smaller portions.

More Holiday tips n tricks to come.

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