5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active While Travelling

At home it is easy to stay fit and healthy because we get into a routine. But what happens when we leave the routine and go on a holiday? Do all those healthy meals and hours in the gym go out the window or do you try to maintain what you have achieved so far but compromise your enjoyment? You can have both, maintain your health and enjoy your holiday.

Well with these 5 travel tips you can maintain what you have achieved while still enjoying your holiday. There is nothing to say that you can’t still eat what you want, do what you want and have an absolutely fun holiday. So even though you won’t have your local supermarket and favourite gym around the corner, you can maintain everything that you have gained. Plus by keeping healthy while travelingyou will be less likely to catch any sicknesses, have more energy and see some things you wouldn’t usually get to see.

Choose the Healthy Food Option

One of the best things about going on holiday is that you don’t have to cook. But eating out does not mean that you have to choose the unhealthy options. Most places are still going to swap chip for veggies and deep fried for grilled. Just ask and you will be surprised. You can still have a few treats, just minimize your sugar and fat intake as much as possible. For example in Italy have chicken pasta instead of cream pasta, in Thailand have Tofu Pad Thai instead of Green Curry and in Bali have chicken satay instead of dumplings.

Incorporate Active & Fun Exercise

There are always fun and active activities to do on holiday. Take a bike ride around town, go surfing at the local beach or take a walk around town. Doing something active is a great ways to see your holiday destination, you might even find that you end up in places you wouldn’t normally visit. You could also book an active holiday instead of a beach holiday like trekking in Nepal, yoga retreat in Peru, skiing in Veil, or cycling on Easter Island.

Book With a Hotel Gym

To make life easier, why not book your hotel with a gym. This way you can get in a workout whenever you feel like it. Plus because you are on holiday you don’t have to worry about finding time to exercise, you will have all day. All you need is a 30 minute workout per day to maintain your health.

Pack Your Food

If you are worried about fitting in your 3 meals and 2 snacks then pack on-the-go meals. This way you will never go hungry or have to choose from poor food options. You could pack sandwiches, protein bars, fruit, tuna and so on. Your hotel might even be able to make a packed lunch for you from foods of your choice. There is always a way to eat healthy.

Count Calories

If you really want to stay healthy on your holiday then you can count your macros. You might need to improvise at times if you don’t know exactly what is in your food, but apps like myfitnesspal can really help. Sticking to your required calorie intake is a sure way to maintain your weight while you are traveling. However it can become quite tedious.

By using these 5 tips while you are traveling you will be able to maintain your health and weight without compromising your enjoyment. Just remember that everything needs to be in moderation.

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