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With a brand slogan of ‘game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers, style makers’ Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of The Renegade Collective magazine, certainly inspires one to renegade thinking.

The Renegade Collective with its online community space called the Collective Hub, is a print magazine where the pages turn themselves once you’ve dared pick it up. From the start to the finish it features stories of newly-blossoming entrepreneurs and their endeavours to cover stories of global influencers such as actress Amy Poehler and the Instagram account ‘Follow Me To’ – all with impeccable design and photography.

Lisa Messenger is a phenomenal lady in herself who has built a magazine and following in 33 countries at a time when print is becoming less popular and everything is online. She has also authored at least 12 books and has contributed to at least 20.

Lisa’s first book began out of the depths of despair when her marriage was falling apart and she felt quite alone in her suffering. She was intrigued with the idea of ‘happy’ and sought to find out what in fact makes people happy. Her book, entitled ‘Happiness Is…’ has stories of incredible Australian people, endeavours and conquests, beautiful photography and bright colours erupting from its pages and, through its birth, Lisa discovered a new passion for communication. She then went on to author subsequent books from ‘intrapreneurs’ (entrepreneurs holed up inside massive corporations and controlled-thinking) and branding for your product to property investing and how to publish in a unique way. This lady is a renegade.

The thing that sets Lisa apart and what drew me to the Renegade Collective magazines (which I eagerly await every month) is her thinking which truly seems to be challenging in its essence. She challenges the concepts and norms which shape our society and in writing about it and featuring other thought-challengers, she challenges us. Her books and their chosen subjects are all products of what she has actually done rather than deciding she is going to write a book and then finding a topic for it.

In ‘Daring and Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur’ Lisa shares her business adventures and aims to inspire CEO’s all the way to budding entrepreneurs with an idea and a will to succeed. She looks at challenging concepts in today’s society such as the valuing of employees and how money is not the only currency to the dreaded F word (failure) and how to do so gracefully. Yet the beautiful thing is Lisa understands that success in business is not the only bottom line and so has released a subsequent book entitled ‘Life and Love: Creating the Dream’ and shares how to be successful while being ‘deliriously happy’ behind the scenes in life. The book features advice from Lisa as well as her own role models on love, joy and happiness and how to maintain your femininity in life and business while being made of iron to survive. This is definitely on my reading list!

It seems everything in Lisa’s brand is organically grown from the rich experiences of her life which is authenticity in all its rawness. And one can’t help but be drawn to people such as her.

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