Sasha DiGiulian – Champion Climber

We love to see women doing extraordinary things and Sasha DiGuilian is one such example. The 22 year old champion climber is on a mission to become the first woman to make one of the most dangerous climbs in the world by scaling the alpine peak, Eiger Mountain in the Swiss Alps during the summer between her junior and senior year at Columbia University.

Nicknamed ‘Murder Wall’, the 6,000-foot vertical sheet of grey limestone is considered one of the world’s most dangerous climbs. Dozens have died trying to reach the top.

“When other women open the floodgates to showing that something is possible then all of a sudden you see progression in a sport,” DiGiulian said, explaining why this climb was important to her.

On August 29, DiGiulian and her climbing partner summited Eiger, not through the original plan due to weather conditions but rather climbing ‘Magic Mushroom’, a 20-pitch, 5.13a route to the left yet still on the North Face.

Of the climb, DiGiulian said:

“This was a goal that was a challenge to be because it was a step into the unknown… The experience was tough…because I was a beginner on new terrain. Being pushed to that point of physical and mental exhaustion and then realising the dream encourages me to take more chances. You never know until you try.”

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