Which is the Best Water Based Primer?

The best water-based primer is one that can be applied to the skin with little mess. This means it will not leave behind a film or residue. The best ones will not have to be scrubbed off with your hands, only when it is wet.

If you are buying a primer to be used on your face, you will want a non-comedogenic type. This means that the products are not going to cause you to break out and cause irritation. This is very important because even though there are many types of primer products on the market, they all have to be gentle on your skin. Some people get a rash from using products that are too rough on their skin.

Also, use the right kind of primer to make your makeup look good. Primers help to seal in your makeup and give it a nice smooth finish. This is how your makeup should look all day long. If you use an oily base, it will look shiny, if you use a dry base, it will look smooth and even.

Silicone-based primer VS water-based primer

It is important to use a primer that will stick to your foundation and keep it in place. You may not even know that you are using a primer. It may seem like your foundation is already set perfectly! That is because most foundations do not contain any sort of primer at all. They just slide over your skin like the rest of your makeup does.

When you use primer, it helps to seal in the makeup and make it look great for the entire day. Plus, it protects your skin by keeping it from getting too greasy or too shiny. All you have to do is use the primer that matches your foundation.

The best water based primer for you will vary from person to person. There are many types of primers available. For example, some primers have mineral oil in them. You want to avoid mineral oil based primers if you can.

Remember, the right primer is something that you have to test. No one will know you are using primer unless you tell them! Some women have no idea what primer they are using until they are in the makeup aisle at the store!

Now, you can choose which type of primer you want to use. If you get a bottle of water based primer and find that it doesn’t cover up your foundation like you want, then use a mineral foundation primer. That way, you will get the coverage you want without having to do any more work.

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