Quick Steps to Instant Self-Confidence

Self Confidence is something so many of us struggle with – whether it’s trying to keep up with the aesthetics we’re presented with so often in media or just the ability to speak our mind without feeling the fear of judgement, self-confidence is an incredibly important and often difficult to attain characteristic.

While the barriers to self-confidence can be rooted far deeper for most, often just the simplest things can lift our self-confidence to new heights and go some way towards improving our emotional well being.

Personal Presentation

If you ever notice the way you feel when you’ve put effort in to your appearance versus the way you feel when you nip down the street in your yoga pants, you’ll know what a little extra effort can do for your spirits. We always go by the theory that we should dress as if we’re going to run into a client or for some, dress as if you’re going to run into an ex. It doesn’t have to mean that you spend two hours getting ready in the morning, but simply ensuring you’re ‘polished’ –  tidy, clean and pressed clothing, brushed hair, and perhaps a little sassy lick of lipstick can make us feel confident in even the most casual attire .

A New ‘Do’

We all know that salon-new feeling you get when you first get a new haircut – you want to make plans to go out that evening to show it off, you feel sassy, you feel confident and beautiful. A new style, cut or colour has the overwhelmingly positive effect of making those nasty confidence drainers disappear and helps bolster step one around our polished presentation.

If you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps or frumpy, a new cut can work wonders.


Have you ever noticed the way you feel when you lift your posture even slightly? It’s a feeling of refinement, of innate confidence and acceptance. Instead of hiding from view in your hunch, the shoulders back-chin up-belly taut posture has not only a positive effect on you and your feeling of confidence but also in your view of how others see you. When you’re hunched over and seemingly trying to hide from every passer-by, you tend to lean towards the notion that they’ll judge you for your appearance, for your outfit – whatever, but when you carry yourself confidently, that feeling transfers to your emotional wellbeing, giving you a big boost in spirits and in confidence and those feelings of judgement transform into feelings of admiration.

Just think of your thoughts when you see a woman carrying herself strongly and confidently or better yet, make it an experiment. Next time you’re out, look around you as you wander down the street, take note of your thoughts when you see a confident woman striding down past with eyes front and chin up and then again when you see someone who has a similar stance to you.

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