What’s Holding You Back?

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted. You will likely spend your nights panicking over your depleted budget, frustrated that clients aren’t taking the bait, working for pittence or working so hard you have no time to digest what day it is, let alone provide quality work.

There are three things we’ve found hold wannabe-entrepreneurs back so we thought we’d address them here:

You Don’t Know How You Personally Define “Success”

If you’re a creative, it’s likely your vision doesn’t include mansions and yachts like the standard entrepreneur, success to you may be far simpler – the luxury of being able to do what you love as a job or if you’re an eco-warrior, perhaps it’s to feel that your work contributes to the world in some way. Whatever it may be, craft a vision in your mind of what success means to you and only to you and then hone that vision into a mantra you can return to each day, each time you’re feeling lost, each time you need an extra boost or a reason why you’re struggling or just to give you an extra burst of motivation each day. It’s not about anyone else, it’s about you and your own personal definition.

You’re Waiting for the Right Time

There is no magical time where you’ll all of a sudden have an abundance of money, knowledge, experience and time to pull it all together an launch successfuly. There will always be something holding you back – if you allow it. You need to choose to pursue it, even if it’s going to be messy (which it will), even if you’ll be eating noodles for a year (because you might), even if you’ll drop your social calendar near entirely and be breaking out into panic attacks left right and centre as you freak out about how you’re going to pay rent (because this will absolutely happen…likely in a supermarket or somewhere equally unexpected.)

You’re Afraid of Failing

Starting a business is knowing there’s a great possibility, even an inevitability that you will fail…and doing it anyway, still believing that you can succeed. Edison failed repeatedly, Branson made unwise decision, Trump has been bankrupt more times than I can recall yet they get right back up, sometimes they even bankrupt on purpose to contribute to the greater strategy of the company. The perception of failure is not failure. The possibility of failure is a motivator, not a drawback and failure, is only failure if you stop trying. If it’s outside your comfort zone, it’s probably amazing, and most definitely worth pursuing.

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