Key Principles to Building a Brand

When it comes to building your business and your brand, there are a few key principles to help get you going and keep you in business:

Keep it Concise

You need to be able to explain what it is you do in as few words as possible. Be that your tagline on Linkedin or a killer elevator pitch on hand ready to pull out as required, you have to be able to boil it down to something simple and concise.

*JAGGAR’s elevator pitch is as follows: * JAGGAR International is the ultimate online resource for the discerning, ambitious woman and seeks to mentor young women and seasoned executives alike in the pursuit of success and entrepreneurship.

Here’s another one: Rosie Remotely is a virtual assistance and web design service offering clients exceptional, professional assistance – worldwide and on any timetable, allowing your business to reclaim lost time without the HR headache or FTE expense.

Even go shorter if you can! It needs to be easy to memorise and pull out at a second’s notice. A tagline is always great too, like Nike‘s “Just Do It” or Harlow Garland’s“Happily Ever After Starts Here” – they’re concise, to the point, and give a view to what the company stands for and is about without the need for extensive description.

Keep it Simple

Our generation and the one following are notoriously lazy. We have everything at out fingertips already but every day we complain that we need things faster, smaller, bigger, stronger, more flexible – contradiction after contradiction but there it is. You need to make it easy or you’re not going to get buy in and that applies regardless of what your selling and especially so if you’re internet based. Dumb it down, make it obvious, make navigations on your site blatantly obvious and minimal. Make it logical, make it obvious, make it easy.

Tell Me Why

Why should anyone work with you? You need to differentiate yourself from the pack and make it obvious what that difference is. If you’re a luxury service when your competitors are on the lower end, you have your market cornered and you’re telling people that you’re there to offer the higher end. If you have a fabulous reputation for something – service, price, quality etc, leverage that – that’s what you should be pitching. People need a good reason to pick you or they simply won’t.

Constantly Improve

You’re never ‘finished’. Your business is never done. Even the giants continue to churn out new ideas, new extensions, new partnerships to grow and build on their company’s foundation. Launching a company with one product and no plan for expansion is generally foolish with the odd exception but even the exceptions irk out new ways to reach people, and draw in repeat business. You must be constantly looking for ways to improve or expand or your competitors will leave you in the dust.

JAGGAR International

JAGGAR International is the ultimate resource for the discerning, ambitious woman. It seeks to inspire and motivate young women into their careers, to help them build self confidence and go confidently in the direction of their dreams. It seeks to mentor young women and seasoned female executives in the pursuit of success and entrepreneurship.

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