Book Review: The Roadside MBA

Business books are either an utter waste of the paper they’re printed on or insightful. No business book is going to lay out your path for you, that’s something you need to do for yourself. What worked for one company won’t necessarily work for yours but what is important in a book on business is that it excites you, it causes you to spark ideas and insight applicable to your own business, and as you read, you become increasingly excited about how your business can evolve and grow, you discover the new tactics you can apply to your strategy and the application of the knowledge gained of how other small businesses function either similarly or conversely to your own. This is one such example. They’re rare examples nowadays, lost in a sea of the aforementioned wasted trees but this book is insightful, funny and written in a casual manner that makes the reader the Sal Paradise to the trio’s theories and research on the road.

Good work fellas!

JAGGAR International

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