My Beautiful Struggle – Jordan Bone

After a slew of critical comments on her video blog about the way she uses her hands and holds her brushes, this beauty vlogger created a video for her taunters and for anyone out there who has been victimised via similar circumstances to reveal what she hides from the camera. 

A car accident a decade ago left her a tetraplegic with her hands unable to move. Unable to move herself or dress herself, she was determined to be able to do one thing really well, to still be able to show people the real her as she’d always appeared, if only from the neck up. 

She taught herself new ways to hold brushes, asserted new control over the parts of her body that previously defied it and now is a successful beauty vlogger. 

We think her journey is an incredible one and one that should motivate you, whatever your goal to learn that no matter the roadblocks on your journey, it just takes looking at it from a new angle, determination and creativity to find new ways to press on to that achievement. 

Watch her video below.

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