Kingdom of Girls

This striking photoseries entitled “Mädchenland” or ‘Kingdom of Girls’, is the product of photographer, Karolin Klüppel for an interview with Mic.  The series focuses on the matrilineal Khasi culture in the state of Meghhalaya (India) wherein women are revered and in Karolin’s words “To disrespect a woman here is to harm society”. 

Girls are brought up with an incredible sense of self, an inherent self confidence and respect that is cultivated by their families and of the people in their culture.  Instead of the tearing down of women so synonymous with western culture, the Khasi foster a respect for women and of matrilineal cultivation. 

The Khasi culture is a testament to how empowering girls at a young age, fosters a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence rarely seen in today’s western teens, producing women that are self-assured, independent and successful. 

Read the full interview with Karolin at Mic’s website here and see the full portfolio of images at Karolin’s website here.

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