Tips For Better Work / Life Balance


What is it that matters most to you? Are you looking to spend more quality time with your family? To find a more efficient way to work so that you have the balance to leave it at work?

For tips on working more efficiently, we recommend the book (and workshop series hosted in-office) ‘Work Smarter: Live Better' by Cyril Peupion. It has wonderful tips for working efficiently and effectively without compromising on personal time.

If you’re looking for more time away from work, this is where it’s necessary to address everything that needs to be done and find ways to manage it all. It’s all about prioritising. It helps to create a to-do list for each day or week depending how your work fluctuates and to list them in order of importance. It’s then easier to review each point and figure out the best way to attack it.

Schedule Downtime & Exercise

Just like an exercise training programme allows rest days, so too should your work/life schedule. Choose days or time brackets where you put down work, forget your responsibilities and just focus on yourself or your family – exercise or activities.

Going for a run at the end of a long day may seem cumbersome but exercise releases endorphins that make you relaxed and happy and also allows you the chance to break free from all distractions as for an hour or two, it’s just you and the pavement. Alternatively, a trip to the gym can be wonderful. Starting your day at the gym gets it out of the way and waked you up, ready to work effectively, but an after work visit where there’s no limitations on time means you can enjoy it – get your workout in and then perhaps mull around in the spa or pool until you feel relaxed.


Once you’re home, switch off your work phone and if you can fathom the idea, switch off your personal phone too – completely disconnect from all unnecessary distractions and allow yourself to unwind and relax.

For us career-driven women, the idea of leaving work in the office is all but ridiculous as a notion since we’re so used to spending our evenings continuing work we’ve taken home. Similarly, if you’re a work-from-home woman, leaving work in the office isn’t quite as easy.

We always have something weighing on our mind-  something we didn’t finish, something we still need to do, that email that needs to be sent or the presentation due tomorrow but there does need to be some separation.

Try to start by limiting yourself to a certain time. For instance, deciding that from 6:30 – 8:30pm, you’ll put down the work so you’re able to spend more quality time with your family, or perhaps if you’re a solo-preneur, making 7pm your work limit so that from then on, you’re able to focus solely on yourself.