Take Time For Yourself

In a world of full time careers, personal goals, families, relationships and hobbies, it can all get overwhelming and even though we know you’re wholly committed to putting your all into every one of those things, it’s important to take time for yourself.

Take time. Schedule it – or it will never happen. Actively make a point of keeping that date with yourself whether it’s weekly, bi weekly or just an hour a day where you can do something entirely for yourself.

It’s a necessity, not only for ensuring that you can continue to perform at a high level in all of those aspects but also for your own emotional and mental wellbeing.

Here are a few ways to take a timeout:

Take a class

Yoga, Ballet Barre, Les Mills Body Pump or something more creative like an art class – immerse yourself in a new hobby where you can focus on yourself, your capabilities and relax into the solitude and awareness of yourself.

Catch a Movie

We mean at the theatre –shock- when you watch a movie at home, you’re too often distracted by all the things you forgot to do or are still yet to do, It’s too easy to pick up the laptop and keep working with the movie playing in the background and by the end of it, have no clue what happened. Go to the movie theatre, buy your $8 popcorn and watch the film without any distractions.

Spa Treatment

Even a Brazilian wax starts to look like a luxury spa treatment when you’re run off your feet, so get off those feet and schedule a regular spa date- whether you’re just maintaining your grooming situation or you’re in there for a regular facial or massage.

Hit the Gym

Swim some lengths where the noise clutter of the world can disappear as soon as your head ducks under the water. Feel the pressure melt away as you power through the water and hit the spa afterwards until you’re all wrinkly or lift some weights and spend time on the foam roller to get those hard to get muscles. Put on your playlist and just let the world disappear for a while.

Go for a run

While it may seem like work, there’s nothing more liberating than a run. Just you and the pavement (and the artists on your playlist), the cool breeze, the plod of your foot against the concrete, the ability to entirely tune out everything and everyone and return home refreshed (exhausted) and with a mind free of clutter.

Go on a Date

Sometimes time for yourself can mean spending quality time with the person who calms you. Go out to a relaxed dinner or hit the gym and spend a couple of hours goofing around and soaking in the spa without a care. Take a moonlight walk on the beach hand in hand or sit quietly together somewhere where there’s no distractions, just each other’s company. Spending time with someone who makes you swoon is an incredible calming remedy for stress.

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