Switch Off and Be Present

We live in a world where everything is instant. Technology is convenient and certainly can make our lives easier but spending too much time logged on is making us antisocial and distracted from real life. We spend less time living in the moment and more time behind screens with continuous emails and notifications making our lives more stressful than they need to be.

In an effort to help draw you back to a more balanced life, we’ve come up with three basic tips to get you started:

Get outside

Simply stepping outside and taking a walk or a run improves your health and happiness. It can clear your mind, improve focus and ease fatigue. When you’re exposed to the sunshine, your body produces Vitamin D; strengthening your bones, boosting your immune system, and stimulating your nervous system, so breathe in the fresh air. Go for a walk along the beach and embrace the sunshine. Being amongst nature has boundless therapeutic benefits… and it’s free.

Talk to a different generation

Sometimes there is a reason why the older generation are always complaining about ours. They lived simply. There were no iphones, ipads, or WiFi… and they survived and thrived without it. They knew when it was their friend’s birthday, without getting a notification. They spent the day with them rather than typing an impersonal birthday wish on Facebook. They met their match and fell in love, without having to match on Tinder first. They sent hand-written letters to friends they hadn’t seen in a while and although it wasn’t delivered instantly, it was far more thoughtful and purposeful than a quick Facebook timeline post. They planted their own vegetables, cooked their own meals, worked hard, read literature, and attended local dances. The best memories were made without being documented. So ask your grandparents or another elderly friend about their lives. Listen to their stories and their wisdom.


Take a break from social media. Resist the temptation to log back on and realise that although it is fun now and then it shouldn’t be an important part of our lives. Turn your phone off during dinner, and enjoy your meal. Be attentive while having a conversation with family and friends without becoming distracted. When surrounded with a stunning view, embrace the moment rather than taking the perfect picture for Instagram. The best moments happen when you put your phone away and be present.

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