Turn Your Home Into a Sanctuary

Make Your Bedroom a No Electronics Zone

One of the easiest ways to wind down at the end of a hard day’s work is to make your bedroom your sanctuary within a sanctuary. Move the TV out of the bedroom including any other distracting devices. Your room should be solely for rest. The blue lights emitted from many devices makes it difficult for your mind to switch off, as too does having cellphones and computers near to your bed – move them out. Your bedroom should be a place of soft furnishings, comfort and relaxation.


Make your home a place you want to spend time in by adding plush cushions and throws to sofas and beds, breakfast trays for the bedroom, luxurious dressing gowns and window dressings – all soft and interesting textures that make you feel as though you’re surrounded in luxurious comfort. Take your time finding furniture that is not only soft enough to be supremely comfortable and which looks inviting but is also practical. If you still own a futon and you’re over 30, throw it out immediately.


Artwork on your walls is a fantastic way to personalise your house and when you feel like you’re surrounded by parts of yourself, you’ll feel more at home.

Gallery walls, themes or even a simple display of favourite photographs or artists are easy to achieve. If you’re renting and are unable to hang more hooks than already exist, you can still incorporate artwork into your home. Opt for an oversized print that can lean up against the wall or feature a piece on an easel or atop a piece of furniture. Try creating a coffee table vignette of assorted items that really appeal to your eye or look for feature vinyl wall stickers that can be peeled off without damage to the wall.


Scent is a powerful influencer and there are so many ways to infuse scent into your home and create the feeling you want to evoke.

Reed diffusers are the easiest quick fix for creating an ambience specific to you. They last around a year and come in a wide variety of scents. We recommend spending a little exa to get a quality one as many of the cheaper options end up smelling more like bathroom spray which isn’t ideal.

Different scents evoke different feelings, so say lavender scents would work in the bedroom where you need to feel at rest while a vanilla scent can be more sensual and invigorating, perfect for more open areas or your office where you need a little more focus.


We’ve always believed that flowers have the ability to make a house a home, they have the power to lift your spirits and make you feel cosy even in the most barren property.

Visit your local florist, supermarket or even your backyard every fortnight and pick flowers in bright hues and soothing scents that will brighten up your home. Put them somewhere you’ll see often, like the kitchen or your bedroom and really take time choosing blooms that suit you, your personality and the feeling you want to have at home.