What holds most people back is their fear of failure or conversely, their fear that everything will work out but that their life will not change. 

It's important to recognise early on what your motivation is. Are you pushing for a goal for the wrong reasons? - like trying to lose weight to keep a man or achieve success so you can be flush with cash to buy boats and houses etc? 

Many people who set a goal with a vision in mind that their life will change dramatically are often surprised by the result, this can be positive or negative. Either you lose the weight and you realise you're worth more than the ill treatment in your unhappy relationship or you lose the weight and absolutely nothing changes other than your dress size. 

Similarly, those who make wealth their goal for the wrong reasons - ie expendable income, often find their funds depleted and themselves back to the drawing board again without a plan for their spending or income growth - much like Lotto winners who end up broke a year after winning the big one. 

It's all very well and good to dream of the good life but if your vision isn't rooted in something of substance, without reference as to why you've chosen this goal, you aren't going to find worthwhile success. 

If your goal is to lose weight, address why you want to slim down - is it: 

a.) spice up a dying relationship?

b.) to grow your self confidence, or

c.) from a legitimate point of view of health and fitness? 

If your answer is a.), weight loss will do nothing for your relationship, if anything you'll find you receive more hostility from your partner about the way people start to notice you more than usual or the reasons they imagine you're 'really doing it'. 

If your answer is b.), weight loss may be a physical way to improve your self confidence around your appearance but if you're not confident in yourself, you may find these confidence issues actually amplify once you start to get comments on your weight loss. There are far better ways to increase self confidence on a deeper level wherein you're better able to find peace in yourself than putting stock in what you think others might think about you. 

If your answer is c.), you're on the right track, your goal comes from a place of practicality, of the betterment of your health, in line with your goals to run that marathon or stave off heart disease. This is the kind of goal with longevity, one that is achievable, one that you won't beat yourself up for 'slip ups' and one where you can have some pay off in knowing what you've worked for. 

Address your motivation for setting and achieving a goal and if it is found to be of substance, pursue it courageously.  You can and will achieve your goals if you know the root of why you so desperately want to achieve them because fear has no place in the practical. 

Be courageous - fortune favours the bold.


Never Give Up

On your journey, whether it’s a personal goal, a new business venture or a career ladder climb, people WILL try to get in your way.

It may be a competitor company trying to step on the little guy to ‘teach ‘em a lesson’, a former employee or business partner trying to get in your way out of spite or to emotionally blackmail you or in a lot of cases, friends and family taking the opportunity to tell you how stupid you are, how ridiculous your goals are, how you’re going to fail …. Dramatically and how they won’t be there to pick you up off the floor when you land in a heap.

But what separates you from them, is determination, your drive to keep pushing, no matter what they say or throw at you. In fact, the more ridiculous the goal, the better it feels to accomplish it and show everyone who ever doubted you what drive can accomplish.

Never let the negatives people will hurl at you affect your determination, expect it and know to push on because the podium finish will be that much better when you reach it.

Stay Positive

We know it's hard - staying positive all the time. The world seems adamant to bring you down sometimes, whether your business is struggling or you are struggling on a more personal level, it can all feel like far too much and as if the universe is conspiring against you. 

The universe will conspire to give you everything you dream of, if your dreams are decidedly negative of late, it will feel like blow after blow, bill after bill, plucked feather after plucked feather but if those dreams are optimistic, positive, fruity little tendrils of sweetness and light, the universe will conspire to make it happen.

Sometimes, the power of positive thought is easy, you think happy thoughts and you automatically feel happier, you smile more and that smile is contagious, seemingly negative this roll off your back and fly away as positives without even a modicum of effort on your part, while other times, you struggle to find the ability to believe in what you're saying, to believe that you are successful and that you're attracting the very best as you begin to face struggles that seem to compound.

The hard part is pushing through, is fiercely believing in yourself regardless of the circumstances you're in. The power of self belief, the power of positive thought, are the most motivating and propelling things you can put your effort into. 

Believe you can do it. Believe that better days are just past this hurdle, that the future you dreamed of is just through this struggle and you will make it happen.

We believe in you. You are extraordinary. Believe it!

When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left

Sometimes, no matter how solid your business plan, no matter how optimised for success your mindset may be or how thoroughly planned out your business' growth is, things just don't go the way you'd planned. 

You may have created a surefire way to create steady income with your business idea based on the bare minimum of clients but if you can't actually attract a single client and you're coming to a point where the struggle is becoming exceptionally hard and upsetting, it's time for a change in direction. 

You can never fail until you have exhausted every single possible (and sometimes, impossible) option. You cannot truly say you tried your best until there is nothing left for you to try. 

Sometimes, it's merely a shift in pricing or market targeting that can realign your strategy and get you back on track with that minimum number of clients. Sometimes that price adjustment is actually higher because your target market thought you were suspiciously too cheap before.

Whatever the shift, look at every reason why you may not be succeeding. Look at your marketing metrics, look at how you're serving your client base, how you're recruiting it, what you're charging, what you're doing right and what you may be doing wrong. It's time to analyse and look for creative ways to cause positive change. 

You are not failing. You have not failed. You haven't exhausted your options yet. Keep going. 

Never Give Up

We know it gets hard sometimes, that it all surmounts and you feel as though you can't continue - the burden (financial, emotional) is all too much and you can't see a way through the roadblock to push on. 

This is your goal, not anyone else's, no one will notice if you just give up - right? 

Whether you know it or not, you may at this very moment, be someone's inspiration. Someone watching your journey through social media, someone who has perhaps heard of your journey through word of mouth or a piece of good press and was personally touched by your progress. Whether you believe your story is extraordinary or not, whether you believe that your goal is personal or not, it could be extraordinary to that person, could affect them in such an overwhelmingly positive manner to push them follow in your footsteps, or forge a path of their own on your inspiration. 

Never give up - whether there's a whole crowd following you or just one person, if your goal, your journey, if you as a person, are enough to inspire even just one person into taking an action of their own, isn't it worth continuing? Isn't it worth pressing on to find that extra ounce of strength usually reserved for fight or flight scenarios? - what is this if not the time to fight? 

We are not the type to give up. It's Fight or Flight -  our fight, is the drive to fight for what we believe in and the things we want to achieve, our flight is the wings to fly above our roadblocks, to soar into new territory, new adventures, new heights of achievement. 

You are extraordinary, your story, your experiences are what have made you you, what have brought you to this point, what have pushed you through inevitably challenging times and that is empowering, that is motivating and THAT is what is inspiring. 

Never give up. It's fight or flight. Fight for what you want, soar above the road blocks and keep believing the way others believe in you.



Find Something You're Passionate About

We all have passions - some long-lived, some fleeting, some that pass as quickly as we conjure them but the reality of following a passion, means that you must be able to live and breathe and sleep that passion without getting that passion waning. 

To create a business from your passion takes moxy, takes an awful lot of motivation, confidence and ignorance to achieve. You have to believe in what you're doing, believe in yourself, stay optimistic about the future of your business and of yourself while allowing yourself to a be a little bit ignorant to the negative things that try to creep in - things like financial burden, other people's opinions and that nagging voice inside your head telling you you're not good enough or that it's too hard, that you're going to fail. 

To follow a passion into business is an extraordinarily courageous thing and your biggest battle will be to remain as passionate about it as the day you went into it because when your passion for it wanes, it will be so evident to your clientele. 

Find something you're passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it. Follow it  and allow it to grow. Grow with your passion and you'll find ways to learn from it and be inspired by it every day.

Make it Intentional

Whatever you do in life, make it intentional. Whether you succeed wildly or fail dramatically, make it wholly intentional. Through purpose you are able to harness your ambitions and your drive to achieve them, you are out there making an impact, living on purpose, striving towards that purpose fervently and thoroughly. Don't tip-toe through life hoping for opportunities, don't think that life simply 'happens' to you, go out there with intention, with purpose and make things happen. Whether you win or lose, you will have pushed through inevitably challenging odds, you will have accomplished something, you will know that you tried, you made a concerted effort and whether you succeed beyond your wildest dreams or fail still trying, you will know you gave it your all, you will know you lived an intentional life, that your goals, your actions, every move you've made towards achieving - have all been on purpose. 

Life a life of purpose, on purpose. 

Kindness Starts Within You

Gratitude and compassion are two incredibly important prospects that a great many of us show to others before we think about showing them to ourselves. Inside we are each fighting a battle with ourselves, fighting our own minds and overanalysis, dwelling in our psyche, our ego is wont to tear us down. to keep us in check. No matter the situation, we (and especially in the case of women) find that we tear ourselves down more often that we build ourselves up and it has to stop. 

Your thoughts have power over your life and wellbeing. If your thoughts are predominantly negative, your life will be an endless string of disappointments, while a positive outlook - the ability to see the good in everything, see the reason in everything makes for a positive life. What you think, you become. It's important that your thoughts be grand imaginings of the wonderment and strength your future holds. 

When you find yourself spiralling into an overanalysis of a situation or of your performance, seeing only the negative expectation and inevitably negative outcome, catch yourself. Tell yourself 'ENOUGH', address your thoughts and how they are impacting on you. Take each thought and craft it into a positive. Address why you feel anxious, upset, overanalytical and get to the root of the problem.

It sounds difficult, to some of you maybe it sounds impossible or frou-frou but while it may take some time to get used to, once you start, you will start to see the positive impact. You will start to see the good in even the worst situations and you'll start to address those spiralling thoughts before they even start.

You are not the sum of your failures, you are not your past, you are not your mistakes, you are not less than anyone else. You are extraordinary, you have the power to forge an overwhelmingly glorious future, to create for yourself a place of joyfulness. Stop the negative thought train in its tracks and address the issue head on. You are no less than 'her', you are not any less of a performer than your coworker, your security - personal, emotional, mental, is not threatened by a situation. You have the inherent power to turn any negative into a positive and in your own mind, you have the ability to turn the thought around before it is even fully formed. 

Believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself. Believe in your worth, because you are worth so much more than you may imagine.  Be kind to yourself first.


The greatest successes are those who have a plan. Who can see ahead to the future they want and pinpoint the moves they need to make to get there. As they achieve a goal, there are already four more lined up behind it. They are never without purpose, without ambition, without their sights set on a goal so fervently that there's nothing to shift them from it. 

It's no use wishing for something to happen. It's like the person who wishes to win the Lotto only to spend it all frivolously within months or years and be back at square one. There needs to be some guts to it - there needs to be a plan. 

If you actually won the Lotto right now, what would you do? Would you tell people? Would you go on a wild shopping spree? or do you have a plan? How will you ensure you stick to that plan? 

Are you sitting there wishing to be successful while watching television? If you're not trying, if you're not putting in the effort now when you're hungry for success, how will you be down the track when your business and your employees rely on you to be the captain, the wheel, the ship and the anchor of their universe? 

Success requires a plan. Goals require planning. You will never achieve a goal sitting on your couch watching television (unless you're multitasking by building your business online). 

Fortune favours the Bold. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Prepared. Plan Ahead.

Get Obsessed

Think about it, if you're planning to start a business, you're going to be pouring your life, heart and soul into it. You'll miss out on a social life, you may be eating dry wall and ramen noodles for a year at least. You'll go through some of the most dramatic highs and lows you've ever experienced and through all of this, you need to keep your focus, keep your passion wholly geared towards the success of this goal.

You have to not just like what you do, not just love what you do, but feel an absolutely imperative need to see it through, an obsession with seeing it succeed, of reaching that point of achievement (and then setting a new goal to allow it to grow and fuel your further obsession). 

Entrepreneurship isn't just something you do on a whim, it takes guts, it takes moxy, it takes everything you have not to give in. 

Get obsessed with your idea. Get obsessed and make it happen.

Your Past Does Not Define You

It doesn't matter that you were once bankrupt, living on the street, eating nothing but ramen noodles or slumped into a depression you thought you'd never escaped, the very fact that you have managed to push through these challenges is proof positive that you are fare more extraordinary than you realise. 

When you wish for more money, you're not handed it, you're given the opportunity to create it. 

If you wish for courage, you aren't made fearless but rather given the opportunity to be courageous. 

If you wish for success, you aren't granted it immediately but rather you're given the opportunity to succeed. 

Every experience you may feel ashamed of or feel may hinder you in some way is actually a shining example of your strength and persistence. 

The trick is to learn from those experiences. 

There are those that go bankrupt and make it a cycle throughout their lives, filing for bankruptcy then racking up debt as soon as they're able, only to need to file again. Then there are those who file for bankruptcy and take the restriction period to refocus their spending and saving habits. Not willing to go back to a life of such dire restrictions and the feeling of failure, these people learn the value of money, learn how to invest it, how to save, how to budget. No longer reliant on a credit card, the are forced to budget, forced to think about what that money could buy and if this purchase is really worth it. These are the people who go on to succeed, to achieve a dream of financial freedom, or at least lifelong freedom from debt.

There are those who slip into a great despairing depression, even those who fall into a mild depression and decide even mild is too difficult to take and who end it all far too soon. Then there are those who allow themselves to fall far under, seemingly to a point of no return, despairing with every laboured breath, who decide enough is enough and who press on to find light in even the most difficult situations. These are the people of true strength. Those who battled their own mind for control. Battled to say "I will NOT go quietly into that dark night", and fight tooth and nail to get back to a place of levity. 

Knowing how much you struggled at any point in your life is also knowing how far you've come. 

It doesn't matter if your battle was one of finance, of circumstance or health - the reason for the struggle is irrelevant, your fortitude and your intent to never return to that struggle - whether you realise that's the decision you made in that moment or not - is the reason you're here, is the reason you're so extraordinary, is the reason that you will succeed - absolutely and without hesitation.

Your struggles do not define you, your battle out of them is what does.

Handling Change

Handling Change

Nothing will change in your life until you stop reflecting on what you've lost and start looking forward, creating something new, forging a place for yourself in your future.

It doesn't matter if you've lost a job (a lot of times, it's an enormous blessing and is the universe giving you the push you needed to get out of your complacency rut an into what you really want to do). It doesn't matter if you're newly single, in a new town or you've been forced by some other means to make a change. 

You ARE NOT your past. Your past decisions are not the decisions you will make in your future. Your past self is not who you are right now nor who you'll be five years from now. You cannot move forward if you're forever looking back.

Focus on moving forward, focus on how this change affects your current situation and what you need to do to make it work for you. Change isn't something that 'happens' to you. Change is a cause and effect from your own actions and not looking at the broader picture. 

Always look forward, always have a plan and always have a backup. Change is a glorious and liberating thing if you'll simply open yourself up to it. 

Defy Expectation

I'm a woman, so I'm expected to be weak.

I play ice hockey against men and shoot guns, so I'm expected to be a hard.

I love fairy lights and full moons, so I'm expected to be girly.

I am in love and so I am expected to be overly emotional. 

I am young and therefore I'm expected to know nothing.

I am ambitious and so I'm expected to be a bitch.

My friends are mostly male so people expect that I am sleeping with all of them.

It takes me ten minutes to get ready so it's expected that I don't take pride in my appearance. 

I create crazy, seemingly unachievable goals and I am expected to fail - dramatically. 

I am a woman so I am expected to cry, often.

I don't cry- ever. I'm not weak. I like violence in sports more than grace. I have wild ambitions and I always find a way to make them reality. I am strong and independent and wildly ambitious and while some might say that now I am expected to succeed wildly, I know that in this society, that's still a laughable notion. 

You are not people's expectations of you. Your create your expectations, you demand of your body and your mind to deliver what you need to achieve. You are in total control. You will never be  what they expect you to be because you'll be too busy far exceeding all expectations. 

You're extraordinary. Defy expectation. Fuel your ambition.


Never Apologise

To do what must be done, sacrifices must be made. When you have a goal in sight, it becomes your be all and end all and while you need to take a break sometimes to refocus and realign your goals with your current situation, sacrifices to your social life (which will pretty much become non existent) an your bank balance will be made. 

People will make demands of you on your time, they'll complain that you're never available, they'll complain that you've become someone else, someone self-obsessed (rather than the  truth of your unwavering focus on the pursuit of success, not on your self) but you should never apologise for your ambitions, never apologise for having a dream so big that it requires sacrifice because the mere fact that you are willing to make such sacrifices is evidence  that you are on the right path, that you have what it takes to succeed. 

Never apologise for reveling in your success either - if you've achieved what you set out to do, you're entitled to celebrate your success. Achieving a goal is one of the most satisfying and motivating things you can ever do. 

Your focus, your determination, your success are all powerful forces that should never be diminished nor apologised for. You are extraordinary. Harness your power, focus it and achieve what you set out to do without regret, without apology and without ever giving in to sway of 'what you're supposed to do'.


There is No Force More Powerful Than a Woman Determined to Rise


A woman with a goal and the drive to achieve it is a force to be reckoned with. 

Keep your eye on your goal and the landmarks along the way serving as milestones on the path to your ultimate goal. That relentless tunnelvision for your goal is what will help you achieve it. Everything you do, every step you take should be toward that goal. You are a powerhouse, don't let naysayers or roadblocks get in your way. You are a strong, confident, independent woman with a goal to achieve and you can absolutely do it!

With that kind of drive and determination, nothing can get in the way of you breaking every barrier and succeeding wildly and extraordinarily more than anyone ever imagined. 

Rise up and take that win!


Kill Them With Kindness, Bury Them With a Smile

People WILL doubt you.  They'll mock your efforts to forge your own way to success, they'll try to hold you down and call you stupid for trying to be original.

Your competitors WILL try to eat away at you until you quit, to strip your down mentally and emotionally until there's nothing left.

They will try to get a rise out of you, they'll prod you on purpose to get a reaction, just to see what you'll do...

And you know what you'll do?

You'll hold your damn head high because you have a goal. You are focused on that goal. You are positive and optimistic and you have dreams - all things that these people do not have. 

You will smile at them, even if it takes a second to exhale, and you may even thank them for their comments. The truth is that these people will pop up numerous times throughout your life, anytime they catch you with that glimmer of success in your eye.

The pursuit of success is often one that draws the Doom & Gloomers, those who are too afraid to harness their own ambitions or who tried, failed and didn't use that failure as an opportunity and now are here solely to try and bring you down, bring anyone down who is making an effort to succeed.

Your future is extraordinarily bright, your ambitions and your drive to achieve them are fuel for your success, there is absolutely nothing that any person can do or say to detract from your abundant capabilities and your capacity for success.  Don't ever give in to the downward spiral of the naysayers who couldn't do what you CAN and WILL do. 

Kill them with kindness. Bury them with a smile. Let your success do all the talking.

Keep Your Ambitions & Your Spirits High

As long as you can keep your ambitions and your spirits high, you'll be capable of incredible things - regardless of the circumstances you may encounter. 

Extraordinary people have done phenomenal things even through the toughest adversity - whether they've been held back because of gender or race, the loss of limbs or the fight through disease, or simply held back by a non supportive circle, they've managed to hold onto their ambition, keep that goal fiercely in sight and achieve it.

Your thoughts give cause to your life, if your thoughts are predominantly negative, if you keep telling yourself you can't do it, you won't do it, yet if you constantly see the good, see the opportunity, hold on to those goals and drive yourself towards them with everything you have, you WILL achieve them. You WILL succeed. You WILL be one those extraordinary people, doing phenomenal things. 

You're already extraordinary, you just need to believe it and push, push, push yourself to achieve that goal!

You Are Your Own Competitive Edge

There isn’t a single person in this world like you. You are a random assemblage of cells, character and creativity.

No other person thinks the way that you do or creates the way that you do and not a single person out there can create a vision like you can.

You are exceptional. You are a miracle. Look at you! - you have wild ambitions – even when you’re feeling down on your luck and on the outside, you still have incredible drive within you to fight back.

Even if someone is already doing a job you want, running a business that you think you can do better – pursue it, because you can do better, no one can do it like you can.

Have confidence in your abilities, your character and your capacity for brilliance because once you do, the world opens up to you like a flower blooming and you’re able to pursue everything you’ve ever wanted without the limitations of following the leader.

You are the leader. You don’t toe the line; you draw it with your footsteps, leaving a trail for others to follow.

You are exceptional. Start believing it.

Don't Just Talk About It, Make It Happen!

So many times in life, we have an incredible idea, we research it, we tell ourselves how much better our lives will be, how big an impact on the world (or just one person) we could make if we went through with this idea, how grand an idea it is and yet it sits on the back-burner, an ideal of a life we want yet one we take no action towards. 

I started my first business at 13 and seeing it find success, three years later, I decided I was going to open 6 businesses by the time I was 26 and I immediately switched into research mode, learning everything I could about those business ideas, dreaming of how great life would be with my multiple incomes, multiple investment properties and wonderous entrepreneurial power. I made business plans for each one, marketing strategies, startup costs, staffing, menus, equipment, margin projections - everything (yes, I was a nerdy 16 yr old) all bound up in plastic spiral binding with their transparent covers and bright blue cover pages, each labelled with their business name and projected timeline - something my father mocked me mercilessly for years.  What happened to those business ideas? Nada. Zippo. Zilch. I was 16, no startup funding and a short attention span but oh how grand I felt telling everyone tales of my business prowess and my big bright future. 

Nowadays, I know that only one of those business ideas would have been a viable opportunity and one that I am somewhat pursuing for the next couple of years - the rest were each some variation of a restaurant which I know logically, wouldn't be a wise investment. 

Over the years though, I've cultivated a tunnelvision for my goals that sees me always follow through.  

A goal is worth nothing - your word is worth nothing, if you can't or won't deliver on it. 

Just as delivering what you're promised to a customer is imperative in business, so too is following through on a goal you've set. Even if it's a goal for years down the line, you need to have some kind of plan of attack as to how and when you will achieve it. A goal without a timeline is just an unachievable dream.

Dream big - spend time cultivating that vision, reveling in it, living it and breathing it and once you're certain that his goal is what you want, what will improve a life - yours or someone else's or a process that is ineffectual in its current state, plan for it. Put together a plan for how, when and why you'll achieve it. Note what you'll need  to achieve it and spend committed time each day paying it consideration. Your vision needs to be crystal clear, your plan needs to be well-researched and solid (so get help or advice from someone who has been there, an authority on the goal topic) and then create a timeline with interval goals to aid you in progressing towards it. 

It doesn't matter if your goal is an immediate one or one for 5, even 10 years from now, plan for it and you'll make it happen.

Jump First, Grow Wings Later

Without risk, we'd remain stagnant, never moving forward, never growing, simultaneously frustrated and complacent. Risk is what drives us, it fuels our ambitions which in turn fuel our success. 

When it comes to a job you want but you're not completely experienced for, you're likely to not apply because they might say no but really if you're constantly willing to learn and grow, you'll find you can do anything you set your mind to and by not applying you're depriving yourself of an opportunity for growth. Apply for that job and if it's within the realm of immediate possibility, then fudge your way through the interview and prepare to  learn fast, if it's a little further outside your experience, then be honest and tell them you don't have exactly what they need but you learn lightning fast, you crave knowledge and skill and you'll work hard to pick it up because you want the experience, you want to grow with the company, for the company.  It'll usually impress them so much that they'll hire you and put effort into training you rather than passing because you didn't have the skill and didn't back your ability to learn. 

Similarly with entrepreneurial or personal goals - sometimes, you've just got to leap first and ask questions later. We are continually signing up for things that will greatly challenge us personally and professionally, even if they're wildly outside our comfort zone or current skillset. The point is to set a goal - the crazier the better, and work towards it by learning, honing and developing the skills you need to achieve it. 

And if in doubt, JAGGAR's here to help! - send us a note on what your challenges are so that we can help you to the finish line.