You Are Your Own Competitive Edge

There isn’t a single person in this world like you. You are a random assemblage of cells, character and creativity.

No other person thinks the way that you do or creates the way that you do and not a single person out there can create a vision like you can.

You are exceptional. You are a miracle. Look at you! - you have wild ambitions – even when you’re feeling down on your luck and on the outside, you still have incredible drive within you to fight back.

Even if someone is already doing a job you want, running a business that you think you can do better – pursue it, because you can do better, no one can do it like you can.

Have confidence in your abilities, your character and your capacity for brilliance because once you do, the world opens up to you like a flower blooming and you’re able to pursue everything you’ve ever wanted without the limitations of following the leader.

You are the leader. You don’t toe the line; you draw it with your footsteps, leaving a trail for others to follow.

You are exceptional. Start believing it.