The greatest successes are those who have a plan. Who can see ahead to the future they want and pinpoint the moves they need to make to get there. As they achieve a goal, there are already four more lined up behind it. They are never without purpose, without ambition, without their sights set on a goal so fervently that there's nothing to shift them from it. 

It's no use wishing for something to happen. It's like the person who wishes to win the Lotto only to spend it all frivolously within months or years and be back at square one. There needs to be some guts to it - there needs to be a plan. 

If you actually won the Lotto right now, what would you do? Would you tell people? Would you go on a wild shopping spree? or do you have a plan? How will you ensure you stick to that plan? 

Are you sitting there wishing to be successful while watching television? If you're not trying, if you're not putting in the effort now when you're hungry for success, how will you be down the track when your business and your employees rely on you to be the captain, the wheel, the ship and the anchor of their universe? 

Success requires a plan. Goals require planning. You will never achieve a goal sitting on your couch watching television (unless you're multitasking by building your business online). 

Fortune favours the Bold. Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Prepared. Plan Ahead.