Be Outrageous!

You are exceptional. The adage of 'Be yourself, everyone else is taken' is never truer these days and your unique view and outrageous goals are exactly what this world needs. 

Dream big, make them crazy dreams - the crazier the better because the more outrageous, the more seemingly unattainable the goal, the more satisfying it is to accomplish. 

We have enough of the mundane, we need outrageous, we need exciting, we need new and profoundly interesting. 

Never fear that your dream or goal is too big, or worry about what people might think because to you, the accomplishment will be worth it and your inner accolades will propel you to continue dreaming big, continue pushing to achieve, continue striving for more.

We'll never have enough of the outrageous. 

Don't hide in complacency or safety, dream big, embrace the outrageous!