Never Give Up

On your journey, whether it’s a personal goal, a new business venture or a career ladder climb, people WILL try to get in your way.

It may be a competitor company trying to step on the little guy to ‘teach ‘em a lesson’, a former employee or business partner trying to get in your way out of spite or to emotionally blackmail you or in a lot of cases, friends and family taking the opportunity to tell you how stupid you are, how ridiculous your goals are, how you’re going to fail …. Dramatically and how they won’t be there to pick you up off the floor when you land in a heap.

But what separates you from them, is determination, your drive to keep pushing, no matter what they say or throw at you. In fact, the more ridiculous the goal, the better it feels to accomplish it and show everyone who ever doubted you what drive can accomplish.

Never let the negatives people will hurl at you affect your determination, expect it and know to push on because the podium finish will be that much better when you reach it.