Make it Intentional

Whatever you do in life, make it intentional. Whether you succeed wildly or fail dramatically, make it wholly intentional. Through purpose you are able to harness your ambitions and your drive to achieve them, you are out there making an impact, living on purpose, striving towards that purpose fervently and thoroughly. Don't tip-toe through life hoping for opportunities, don't think that life simply 'happens' to you, go out there with intention, with purpose and make things happen. Whether you win or lose, you will have pushed through inevitably challenging odds, you will have accomplished something, you will know that you tried, you made a concerted effort and whether you succeed beyond your wildest dreams or fail still trying, you will know you gave it your all, you will know you lived an intentional life, that your goals, your actions, every move you've made towards achieving - have all been on purpose. 

Life a life of purpose, on purpose.