Kindness Starts Within You

Gratitude and compassion are two incredibly important prospects that a great many of us show to others before we think about showing them to ourselves. Inside we are each fighting a battle with ourselves, fighting our own minds and overanalysis, dwelling in our psyche, our ego is wont to tear us down. to keep us in check. No matter the situation, we (and especially in the case of women) find that we tear ourselves down more often that we build ourselves up and it has to stop. 

Your thoughts have power over your life and wellbeing. If your thoughts are predominantly negative, your life will be an endless string of disappointments, while a positive outlook - the ability to see the good in everything, see the reason in everything makes for a positive life. What you think, you become. It's important that your thoughts be grand imaginings of the wonderment and strength your future holds. 

When you find yourself spiralling into an overanalysis of a situation or of your performance, seeing only the negative expectation and inevitably negative outcome, catch yourself. Tell yourself 'ENOUGH', address your thoughts and how they are impacting on you. Take each thought and craft it into a positive. Address why you feel anxious, upset, overanalytical and get to the root of the problem.

It sounds difficult, to some of you maybe it sounds impossible or frou-frou but while it may take some time to get used to, once you start, you will start to see the positive impact. You will start to see the good in even the worst situations and you'll start to address those spiralling thoughts before they even start.

You are not the sum of your failures, you are not your past, you are not your mistakes, you are not less than anyone else. You are extraordinary, you have the power to forge an overwhelmingly glorious future, to create for yourself a place of joyfulness. Stop the negative thought train in its tracks and address the issue head on. You are no less than 'her', you are not any less of a performer than your coworker, your security - personal, emotional, mental, is not threatened by a situation. You have the inherent power to turn any negative into a positive and in your own mind, you have the ability to turn the thought around before it is even fully formed. 

Believe in your abilities. Believe in yourself. Believe in your worth, because you are worth so much more than you may imagine.  Be kind to yourself first.