How to Lead


Not everyone is born to lead. Not everyone will be followed. Not everyone has the ability to make others push harder, to strive for more, to be better, be more or simply, to find light in a time of darkness.

The effect you have on others is valuable. So many people crave a position in leadership yet lack the ability to empathise or show kindness o a struggling subordinate or a passer-by on the street. 

It's difficult coming up through the ranks where you've been expected to do your job, do it well and do it with very little help from your superiors and it certainly fosters the idea that everyone works the way you do, everyone functions best when thrown into the wilderness without a Scout leader, expected to make a fire and survive the night and while you need not be expected to micro manage, the effect you have on that person could mean their love of their career or conversely,  their hatred of it and subsequently, of you. 

You cannot lead without followers. Be kind, be grateful and be humble - your fire will still be fueled either way but this way, you'll have others to throw in the coal and keep it running red hot.

Inspire. Motivate. Nurture. Foster knowledge and education. Empathise. Lead.