Defy Expectation

I'm a woman, so I'm expected to be weak.

I play ice hockey against men and shoot guns, so I'm expected to be a hard.

I love fairy lights and full moons, so I'm expected to be girly.

I am in love and so I am expected to be overly emotional. 

I am young and therefore I'm expected to know nothing.

I am ambitious and so I'm expected to be a bitch.

My friends are mostly male so people expect that I am sleeping with all of them.

It takes me ten minutes to get ready so it's expected that I don't take pride in my appearance. 

I create crazy, seemingly unachievable goals and I am expected to fail - dramatically. 

I am a woman so I am expected to cry, often.

I don't cry- ever. I'm not weak. I like violence in sports more than grace. I have wild ambitions and I always find a way to make them reality. I am strong and independent and wildly ambitious and while some might say that now I am expected to succeed wildly, I know that in this society, that's still a laughable notion. 

You are not people's expectations of you. Your create your expectations, you demand of your body and your mind to deliver what you need to achieve. You are in total control. You will never be  what they expect you to be because you'll be too busy far exceeding all expectations. 

You're extraordinary. Defy expectation. Fuel your ambition.