Five Apps For Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur – or even thinking about taking that step into starting your own business – then life is certainly very busy for you. Someone who is their own boss doesn’t get days off, at least when they’re starting out – it can be overwhelming and drain the will power out of even the most staunch and determined people.

Fortunately, in this day and age no would-be business person would be caught dead without a smartphone (or three). And if you have a smartphone, you have access to almost unlimited resources – apps.

Here are five that will definitely make your life easier.


When you’re running your own business – especially when just starting out – networking is crucial. A successful business depends on making the right connections: potential customers, new partnerships, next level of funding, you can find them all with proper outreach. Constant networking can make it hard to remember the small details about where and when you met someone, and Humin takes care of that. The app allows the contact’s information to be input like normal, but also adds all the little things so that you can remember later on.


As your business grows, lots of paperwork will come with it. It is crucial to keep close track of all your finances in order to ensure your business doesn’t go under. Mint takes the paper out of paperwork; the app allows users to create everything they need, right on their phone. You can create budgets, implement a savings plan and report expenses, all with the touch of your finger.

Pocket Analytics:

Most entrepreneurs will have their own website. This allows them to reach out to new connections. In order to take advantage of your online presence, it’s important to be able to analyse the data collected from users visiting your site. Pocket Analytics lets you access your sales and traffic data right from your phone, and you can even customise it to view it as a graph, chart, or whatever you like.


After you reach out to connections, make deals, and are ready to proceed, there is usually paperwork to go through and contracts to sign. As a busy entrepreneur, it’s understandable that you may not have the time to receive a document, print it out, sign it, scan it back onto your computer, then send it. Thankfully, SignEasy exists. This simple yet helpful app allows you to open documents on your phone, sign them with your finger, and send them back on their way.


Evernote is basically a digital filing cabinet. The app allows you to create digital notebooks for everything from your expenses to your plans for a trip. You can take pictures of receipts and organise them so they’re easy to find later, or keep tabs on the notes from your weekly meeting.  You can input your calendar or make a slideshow for your next presentation. Photograph all the papers in your office and never have to rifle through them again. This app is a perfect organisational tool for the on-the-go entrepreneur.

And one more bonus app:


A free money transferring app, Venmo utilises your phone and Facebook contacts to create an easy way to send and receive funds. There is no limit to the amount of money you can transfer, and it might mean the difference between waiting a week for a cheque in the mail and getting your money today.

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