IP 101 from IPONZ and Business.govt.nz

Finally for the small business owner and large scale entrepreneur alike, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) and www.business.govt.nz have partnered to give you the lowdown on your business' Intellectual Property, how to protect it and the misconceptions commonly associated with it. 

In an email release about the new content, www.Business.govt.nz, manager Matt Kennedy-Good explains: 

“IP is for everyone and there are lots of easy, cost-effective or even free things that small business owners can do to protect themselves...whether it’s knowing to put a copyright notice on a website before launching, or just realising why it’s so important to keep a great idea secret, this content will help business owners work out what the best IP option is for them.”

When you're building a new company, you're of course considering business strategy, marketing, financing, a business plan that maps out your intentions and your methods to achieve the goals you've set out, but many companies ignore IP strategy entirely, when it should be built into the initial planning stages.

Intellectual Property isn't just for big business, the big tech companies needing to patent inventions or software and it isn't just for trademarking a logo or business name. Intellectual Property protection helps businesses in a myriad of ways, creating market advantages and opportunities for expansion, allowing your company to grow or enable you to license products and onsell them, it protects your business and its reputation and knowing your business and its IP is protected becomes highly attractive to any potential business buyers

On the www.Business.govt.nz website, you'll now find an entire section dedicated to Intellectual Property and because they know that as a business owner, you don't have time to read through pages and pages of information, they've turned it into simple infographics like the one below and we absolutely love how they've created brilliant how-to guides that spell everything out with checklists, grand simplicity and infographics for the most time-starved or newbie entrepreneur. 

Well done Business.govt.nz and IPONZ, you get the JAGGAR seal of approval!