A gender equality club run by men

Harvard Manbassadors Image  via: 

Harvard Manbassadors Image via: 

At the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate business school, Wharton, a club has been started on campus with a focus on gender equality – what makes it different to other gender equality groups? – It’s run entirely by men. It’s called ‘The 22s’, named after he percentage gap between men’s and women’s pay and has regularly convenes to discuss discrimination, gender issues and attitudes around equality.

*"One of the key ideas behind the group was we wanted to dispel the notion that gender equality is a women's issue," "We wanted to show that it's a universal issue." *(via)

2013 * As part of its Women’s Association, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business launched its Male Ambassador Program. * ‘Manbassadors’ was formed, spurred by male students at the Harvard Business School's Women's Students Association.

2014 * ‘WIMmen’ was formed at Stanford's Graduate School of Business as an extension of the school’s ‘Women in Management’ club.

The men leading these campus clubs are those who had hard working mothers and therefore an example of the gender inequality at work. Harvard Business Schools’ Gender Initiative shows that men with working mothers spend nearly twice as many hours helping with household duties than those who grew up with stay-at-home mothers. One such example is founder of WIMmen at Standford’s Graduate School of Business, Jeff Barnes whose mother is a former president and chief executive of Pepsico North America, Brenda Barnes who famously stepped down from her high-powered position to spend more time with her family (via).